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Top 10 Biggest Stories of 2012.

Top 10 Biggest Stories of 2012.

Posted 30 December 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Year In Review, 2012

Phew! 2012 has been just a crazy year! So much has happened both in Australia and overseas, it's been hard work keeping up with everything. To make it easier for you to see what's been happening - here's a countdown of the Top 10 "Most Liked" stories on Unleashed for 2012. Hope you enjoyed them!

10. Your chance to help dogs. Dogs love people ... and in 2012 people proved how much they love dogs with massive rallies to support Oscar's Law across the east coast.

9. Hero pig saves baby goat from drowning! *Hero pig, hero pig, does whatever a hero pig does* Watch the drama unfold!
8. The Great Rabbit Rescue. 300 rabbits kept in terrible conditions; 3 amazing rescue organisations; 1 audacious plan to get the rabbits out of there...
7. Man rescued at sea by unlikely hero. A man lost at sea for FOUR MONTHS tells of his unbelievable rescue. And the hero is one you may not expect. (SPOILER: it's not a mermaid.)
6. Rodeo cruelty continues. Another Australian rodeo ... another horrible example of animal cruelty. WARNING: footage is not easy to watch.
5. Boots hiding UGGly cruelty. I'd rather have Hobbit feet than be seen in a pair of these! Find out why...
4. Puma says leather's got to go! Sportswear giant Puma have scored some big points on the 'animal friendly' score board with news that it's considering giving leather the boot!
3. 50 cows make a break for it! You'll be cheering on the underdog undercow in this heart-stopping escape story. BONUS music video!
2. First humans on Mars will be vegan. The first human flight to Mars will have months of food supplied. And it's all going to be vegan! Where do I sign up to be an astronaut?!
1. VICTORY!! This was major news in 2012. Find out why it was our #1 Most Liked story of the year!

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Mary6 Mary6 1 January 2013
I am happy and sad like yay! But nooooooo becoz some are victories but some are so sad! Like puma ditching leather and tassie cleansing them selves from the horror of the battery cage! But things like the cruelty that goes on in rodeo pit things(soz don't know the actual name)
I really hope that this year when we reflect back on the year most of these story's will be victories! Or even all of them!! Now that would be awesome!!
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