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Adoption is a WINNER! And you could be too :)

Adoption is a WINNER! And you could be too :)

Posted 30 May 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 16 Comments

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Have you seen the new PetRescue ad on telly? TOTES ADORBS! (Sorry, for a second there I thought I was a Kardashian.) It is adorable though. Check it out:
(Keep an eye out for the brief cameo appearance of a big droplet of doggy drool).

I love this ad. Making the choice to adopt an animal instead of buying is such a great way to save a life. (Head to the bottom of this blog to share your stories of a rescued animal and go in the running to WIN the most adorable book EVER.)

I have fostered dogs while they're waiting to find a forever home and loved it! Not only do they already come with a name (which is great for indecisive people like me), they also (usually) know how to not wee in the house. Bonus!

The little treasure pictured below, is a dog I fostered, named Cassius. As you can see, he needed a bit of extra love before he was ready for adoption. When he first came to Maggie's Rescue (escaping euthanasia at the pound by mere minutes) he was more than 15 kilos underweight and so weak that he couldn't even stand up on his own legs. :( We don't know for sure but we think he was raised to be a hunting dog. He had scratches on his face and bald patches on his bottom, probably from being kept outside on the cold concrete.


With plenty of hugs (and a good bath :-/ ), Cassius quickly came into his true character as a goofy, loveable boy, who wanted to sit on everyone's lap! He also became the poster boy for Maggie's Rescue. Then everybody wanted to adopt him. Let's be honest, nobody can resist a dog in a scarf!

Cassius was abandoned and came so close to being put down. But thanks to the people who adopted him he got a second chance, and is now a much-loved part of the family!


Anyway, enough of my love story for Cassius. I want to hear about the special animals in your life! Post your story below about an animal you've adopted, or who you've seen get a second chance to find their forever family.

One lucky person will win this super cute Unlikely Friendships book (OMG A MONKEY AND A DOVE AWWWWWWW). We'll judge the winner by funnelling our tears into a beaker. Whichever story creates the biggest fountain of joy will take the awesome prize. Can't wait to read the entries!

Good luck!

Fine print: Entries must be less than 200 words and the competition closes Sunday 30 June.


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Shina Shina 30 May 2013
The Legend of Cassius. What a great dog and what a great story.
Go Maggie's Rescue & go
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Theodora Theodora 31 May 2013
No fair!!!!!! I've already got this book- if I'd known there was going to be a free copy...
via Unleashed

Anthony Anthony 3 June 2013
We adopted a young poocha named Peggy who quickly become best friends with her much older (adopted) brother Bobby. Now when we walk with them in the bush, Peggy will run ahead of us a bit, but always (ALWAYS!) stops to look back and check on Bobby to make sure he's still coming. If he's tired and slowing down, she races back to give him a nudge and some encouragement until he catches up. To see the two of them so happy is such a wonderful feeling.

p.s. Cassius is beautiful!!   clap
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Tarzan Tarzan 3 June 2013
Look at this
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Sarah Sarah 3 June 2013
I have a couple of adoption stories, but my favourite is about our family cat, Muffy. Many years ago when my family visited our local vet, we stepped inside and immediately noticed a rather large cage on the ground and inside was a tiny kitten all on its own. We were told that she was abandoned because of her poor behaviour (she%u2019s a tortoiseshell). My mum was pretty adamant that we weren%u2019t going to take her home, but my sister and I convinced her (quite easily) by saying, %u201Cbut dad doesn%u2019t have a pet!%u201D (Every member of our family had their own baby at the time). Without even consulting my dad, we took little Muffin-basket home with us. Of course, I realise that we should have said something to my dad, but I knew that if we did he would have said %u2018no%u2019. My dad loves her so much though, and he sooks over her every day. Sadly our other babies have passed away and little Muffin is now our only fur baby left. She is incredibly spoilt, and does have some behaviour problems as any tortoiseshell would, but that%u2019s who she is, and that%u2019s why we love her happy
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Sarah Sarah 3 June 2013
Sorry, cut and paste job. AA doesn't like my inverted commas.
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Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 4 June 2013
My family adopted a small Australian Terrier about a month ago. She was a lost dog that no one claimed. She was severely malnourished, filthy, scared and covered with fleas and had no name. I saw her at the RSPCA and I just could not walk away from her. She was begging me to save her. Now she (Zoe) has a wonderful home with us. She sleeps in bed with us, comes everywhere with us, she is so soft and fluffy, and happy and healthy. We love her so much. She is very spoilt and adored by my children.
via Unleashed

*Steph* *Steph* 5 June 2013
I have 18 companion animals living with me, 17 are rescues. (I have a bad habit of falling in love with every animal that comes my way, luckily I can say no sometimes or else we would still have the dozens which I have rehomed..)
Anyway I thought I would write about my girl Molly. I have a diabetic cat named Riley, his condition means I am frequently at the local vet. One day while in the waiting room one of the vet nurses asked if I wanted another dog. She knew me well, knew I was a sucker for animals. Molly had been abandoned at the local pound and was lucky enough to have been given the full 28days there instead of the usual 8. That was her last day, she had been brought in to be put down as no one had wanted her. I saw her and thought perhaps I would try and rehome her. It only took a few days before she became my best friend. I now have 3 dogs, I love them all but there will always be a special place in my heart for her.
via Unleashed

JessiHearts JessiHearts 7 June 2013
I'm not sure if this counts, but it's still a sweet story...
About a month before my birthday last year, my mum got a phone call from her friend. She called out to me and I asked her "what's up?". She said "How much would you like to have a cat?" I couldn't help anything from there, I smiled hugely and started jumping up and down screaming "OH MY GOD MUM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" I stayed up till midnight waiting for my adorable new kitten to be brought around. I named her Austin. She was 6 weeks old and mum's friend had taken her and her siblings away from an abusive family that night. She was very timid and ran away from us at first, but 6 months later she's fitting in just fine with the family and everyone loves her quirky personality; even our dog!
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LouiseL LouiseL 7 June 2013
After my 14 year old border collie passed away last year I wasn't ready for another dog so I decided to become a foster carer.  The rescue group I helped out saved two dogs who were being sold as a 'breeding pair' on gumtree and would almost certainly have ended up in a puppy farm had they not been rescued.  When I took them both to be desexed the vet informed me that the girl was actually due to have pups in 3 weeks.  I had no idea what I was in for - let's just say that cleaning up dog poo does not faze me at all anymore! I had no experience with raising puppies but I continued to look after the mum and her 5 pups until one by one they were all adopted.  All except for one who never found a home - so I decided that maybe I was ready for another dog after all happy  Fostering is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, it was hard to say goodbye to each one but also so amazing to know that they are all now in loving homes.
via Unleashed

Rahim Rahim 9 June 2013
I adopted a gorgeous little cattle cross pup which I named Popcorn..after I fostered her for 8wks.. Her eyes just had that look of love that I could not resist.. Now she is my best friend and companion.. follows me like a shadow.. I regret not keeping her little brother, who actually looked like a cattle dog. I pray he found a good home too..  paw
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brumbylover brumbylover 13 June 2013
Well after all that inspiring stuff here's our story. wink
We were moving to new place(shed really, we're saving). When we went to look at it the furious barking coming from nearby was enough to make any dog lover curious. Anyway, there were three half grown pups; Tess is now mine, but oh! the struggles we first had! When I first went up to 'make friends' she was so terrified she wet herself. Though not really 'abused' so much as neglected(and I'm not saying they didn't have the 'base-line importants', they were just typical farm('working') dogs) she was really scared of anything new. She's my best friend and a little spoilt as far as 'farm' dogs go(it's a nasty day so she's in a basket not tooo far insidehappy ).
But the most amazing thing is that she now loves 'showing off'! She won the Jingellic Dog High Jump last year and you should have seen the look on her face when everyone was clapping! As blissful as a hyperactive Kelpie X can get!  A VERY far cry from the skittish pup of 3 years ago! wink
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Steffy T Steffy T 19 June 2013
I adopted my cat Ninja around 2 years ago and i cant imagine my life without him.
Hes the most beautiful and charming little man and i hate thinking about where he and so many other animals like him started there lives.
Adoption really is the kindest thing you could do for an animal and everyone who adopts is a HERO! peace


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Ronnie Ronnie 19 June 2013
We went to the RSPAC to find a friend for our little boy, whose brother recently passed away after a dog attack. We didn't see any dogs he got along with, then he saw a little black dog & he went up to her wagging his tail. They played for a bit & we adopted her - Dingus. Luckily we did as she was so cold & sick (winter) that she may not have made it though the next cold night at the RSPCA.  We're so glad we found her love
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Sol Sol 21 June 2013
My parents have friends who own a so called %u201Cfree range%u201D egg farm. I was so shocked when I visited this farm I had to rescue some hens! I rescued 3 chickens from the terrible cramped conditions of filth a month before they were going to slaughter. They now enjoy dust bathing, roaming free and climbing up fruit trees and eating our peaches! They each have their own personalities. Gingernut is very greedy. Miss Pepperpot likes to hide her eggs and change her hiding spot every few days! And Popcorn loves to jump, run and pop to her food! They can finally stretch their wings properly and love to run (especially when they see me with the food bucket!) They are very cheeky and smart and cunning. It%u2019s nice to see finally that these chickens are loved for who they are and not valued for what they can produce. In fact I love chickens so much I%u2019m going to rescue some more in the near future.
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Tammie2 Tammie2 22 June 2013
I have rescued two rabbits. The first one was an adult rabbit who lived in filthy conditions in a small hutch. The hutch was piled with droppings and the rabbit was extremely scared
When I bought Charlie home he would cower when we would go to pat him and you could see in his eyes he was miserable. Through the love of myself and my children Charlie is now a happy healthy well looked after bunny who is friendly and loves a cuddle.
The other we saved from a girl who was breeding rabbits. On view of them they were underweight and at the time had only dog food to eat. They were weaned from their mum at 3 weeks of age. It took months of feeding and love but she is now a very healthy and happy bunny happy
Don't we all deserve love and happiness?
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