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New Activist Challenge winner!

New Activist Challenge winner!

Posted 13 June 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, contest, winner

Our latest Activist Challenge winner, Sarah, has found a really neat way to not only make Election Day fun, but make it count for animals. She has used the last four polling days as opportunities to get the word out about kindness to animals. She puts together fun information packs with stickers, flyers and veg-friendly restaurant menus and hands them out to voters and electoral volunteers at her local polling booth.


I thought it was such a cool thing for Sarah to do, that I told these turtles about it and they were also pretty psyched.

Sarah has been an animal lover for many, many years but in 2010 she started looking into the cruelty in factory farms, and really got proactive about speaking up for animals. 

This year will be her third year leafleting on election days. "It's fun because nobody expects it," she says. "And I'm quick like a cat."

It's a tough world for animals, because their voice doesn't get heard in parliament. (Although this horse has managed to make his political views pretty clear ;)). So with so many people passing by the voting booth on election day, it's a great place to remind people that we need to be the ones to speak up for animals. Keep it up Sarah!

Think you might want to follow Sarah's inspiring lead this coming election? Send her a PM and I'm sure she'd be happy to offer some tips.

What awesome thing have you done to be the voice for animals? Tell us about it and you could be our next Activist Challenge winner and win a bunch of cool stuff!

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Sarah Sarah 13 June 2013
Yay! Thanks for the feature happy
via Unleashed

Sarah Sarah 13 June 2013
...and for the awesome prize pack!
via Unleashed


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