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"Being young doesn't make you less important."

"Being young doesn't make you less important."

Posted 26 September 2013   by tiedyedtofu         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: vegetarian, go veg, guest blog, orangutans, fur

Age is no obstacle for Unleashed member Anastasia. At 12 years old, she's recognised that animals need a voice and she's going to do everything in her power to speak up for them. Here's her story: 

I have always loved animals. At the age of two I held a tiny dead fly in my hand and refused to put it down because it was ‘pretty’. This love of animals stuck all the way through preschool where I made friends with various bugs in the school grounds, and all the way through primary school, where I bred stick insects and drove my friends nuts with random facts about animals they had never heard of.

Then at the beginning of 2012 I learnt about palm oil and the impact it had on various animals. Did you know that in the last decade 80% of orangutan habitat has been altered or lost? A lot of the rainforest destruction is due to palm oil plantations. Orangutans have been abused and killed due to being in the way of palm oil plantations.


That’s where my passion for animal protection started. I began to research all things about animal rights, from poaching to fur farms. I am most passionate about ending fur farms. I have no idea why I am most passionate about it but to me the thought of animals getting skinned alive all in the name of fashion is disgusting. I wish for a world where all fashion will be ethical.

After watching countless videos, such as Earthlings and Meat the Truth, I was toying with the idea of becoming vegetarian. I finally decided to participate in Meat Free Week. After Meat Free Week, I went back to eating meat but I felt uncomfortable about eating it. I finally decided that I didn’t want to eat animals so I sat down with my mum and told her I would like to be vegetarian. She agreed and all this landed me here -- a 12 year old vegetarian who wants to make a difference.

Anastasia and Rico
(Me and my bearded dragon, Rico.)

The hardest part about being vegetarian is that not everyone around you agrees with you. This is where good education can come in handy. If you know your facts, you can answer any question confidently. “Where do you get your protein and iron?, How can you live without meat?, What on earth is a broiler chicken and a bobby calf?”-- these are the types of questions I get on a daily basis, but I love answering them because I know that the information will stay in their head.

I started to blog because I had heard of adults writing blogs about animal protection but never had I heard of a teen writing about animal issues. I wanted to give young people a view from someone their own age. I also started an instagram page just for animal rights. I began to realise that there were so many young people out there who believed that they couldn’t do anything for animals. So many people can’t believe that I am only 12 and a vegetarian. Anyone can be vegetarian/vegan and anyone, no matter how old or young you are, can make a difference for animals. Maybe you are just putting a sticker on your laptop or notebook -- it gets people talking. Maybe you wear a top that has an animal rights quote on it -- anyone could read it and it might just change their thoughts. Maybe it is just one person but that person could tell another, or maybe 5 more people. I might only receive 10 veiws of my blog a day, but that still means 10 people have seen a post about animals that day. :)

Young people can help end animal abuse and if you are thinking of speaking up for animals, I encourage you to help get the message out. Being young doesn’t make you any less important. You can still save animals and change minds. Start making a difference today by taking animals off your plate, finding out more about campaigns for animals, and talking with your friends.

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GemzLuvsAnimals GemzLuvsAnimals 27 September 2013
Great, your young and environmentally friendly. But what does it do, nothing. Ive been veg for 5 years... those 5 years have been hell. I cant speak about being vegetarian without being ripped to shreds. Yes its great being vegetarian but for a young person it puts a lot of pressure on them. if a young person can hold their own and be strong enough to put up with the bullying, the hate and the endless arguments then good for them but id be against it until anyone is over 16. But we do it for the animals right.
And her blogs content is not hers, its news clippings from other sites that she's using. Why should her blog over so many others be so special.
via Unleashed

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu 27 September 2013
Thanks for the comment, I am fine with being vegetarian and I do get lots of little anti-veg comments yet it doesn't really bother me plus my family is really supportive of me. Plus I do it for the animals happy
via Unleashed

DB DB 27 September 2013
It's a great cause and an excellent blog. Well done!
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 27 September 2013
Good on you 4_animals! I wish I'd been that switched on when I was 12. I have no doubt others will follow your lead if you just keep being the inspiring person you are wink
via Unleashed

Kimberlina Kimberlina 27 September 2013
Good on you Anastasia! I also went veg when I was 12. I was such an obnoxious meat eater before then (I used to deliberately eat sausage rolls in front of my veggo friend) and it makes me cringe thinking about it now. But because of my friend - who was very patient with me! - that I went veggo, and then vegan a few years later. Never underestimate the influence you have on other people's lives, simply by setting an example. Fantastic blog - thanks for sharing your story  thumb
via Unleashed

Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica 27 September 2013
It's people like you, Anastasia, who encourage me to become vegetarian. I know someday I definitely will.
You're going really well on your blog, keep it up!
via Unleashed

Izzy the Future Surgeon Izzy the Future Surgeon 28 September 2013
Same, im 13 and im a vegetarian. i really want to make a big difference but there are people that say that im too young or just for me to focus on my schooling. I don't care!! animals come before schooling and like what my school says, even the smallest of things can make a big change.  laugh
via Unleashed

Mary11 Mary11 1 October 2013
Super proud of you Anastasia' keep up the good work happy
beaverhug beaverhug
via Unleashed

maddyline maddyline 4 October 2013
I  became vegan at 11 and at first struggled to cope with everyone at school. Kids would casually throw bits of meat at me or bombard me with questions (even my best friends didn't think I should be vegan) and it was annoying. After a while this died down and the kids actually showed some interest in vegetarianism, now everyone knows me as the vegan kid but respect what I'm doing - And it's great!!
via Unleashed

shirl_pearl shirl_pearl 5 October 2013
You are a great role model banana I am glad I read your blog dance
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 23 November 2014
i became veggo at 8, and ovo vegetarian at 9 and a half
via Unleashed

Purple Princess Purple Princess 26 February 2015
i became veg at 12 and loving it hoping to be vegan soon

via Unleashed


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