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Einstein gets a life jacket :)

Einstein gets a life jacket :)

Posted 13 November 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: fish, cute, amazing, companion animals

Have you ever had a sick pet? It can be utterly heartbreaking. Leighton Naylor was devastated when his goldfish Einstein got an illness that affected his swim bladder, making it impossible for him to swim anymore. He would just sink to the bottom, stuck on his side.

“He just looked depressed,” says Naylor. “I thought I’m going to have to do something about this.”

So he used some recycled tubing to make a flotation device just for little Einstein. Now... well, just look at him:


The best thing about this story is that every animal deserves kindness, no matter how small or scaly or different from us they might be. And Einstein was lucky enough to get just that :)

I know that, like Naylor, you’ve been going out of your way to help animals. So what’s something kind you’ve done to make a difference for animals? Pop your story in the comments below.

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Spiderpi00 Spiderpi00 19 November 2013
A couple of years ago my family and I were staying in a caravan park and my brother and I were riding our bikes around the caravan park. We were going though a grassed area with lots of tall gun trees (we were having a race back to the caravan) when about a metre in front of me (on the ground) I saw this grey fluff ball. I put on the breaks and jumped off my bike to find a baby bird (which we later named Spike). He was very sick and everyone kept telling me "He probably won't make it" and things like that but I never wanted to put him down, I wanted to give him a chance. I set up a little nest for him in a tree (out of a Chinese takeaway container with tissues in it) because we found his previous nest on the ground near him unfortunately along with Spike's brother or sister who hadn't survived the fall (assumed that something had attacked their nest about 15m up in the top of a tree and both the birds and their nest fell to the ground). I knew that to survive, Spike needed his mum to come back as I couldn't feed him the foods he needed (I would have tried EVERYTHING if his mum didn't come back). Each day I checked on Spike and changed his tissues until only a few days after finding him I saw Spike with his mum, who was feeding him. From that day I knew that Spike was going to be ok! For the rest of our 2 week stay Spike started to fly (which involved me taking him back to his nest from the middle of roads!!) and his mum coming back all the time with food for him. When it was time to go I changes Spike's tissues for the last time (he hardly used his nest any more though!) and said good bye. Every bird I see always reminds me of Spike and hope that he is still doing well and maybe now has some little chicks of his own.
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Dr. Chicken Goddess Dr. Chicken Goddess 22 November 2013
When I was at school, I was walking past my computer room when a black bird smashed into the window. all the other kids were laughing but I wasn't! so I picked it up put it in the garden and went back to class. as soon as the bell rang, I jumped out of my seat and picked it up again from the garden. I got my friends (Megan and Garrett) to help cause they do care as well. Megan got her lunch container and filled it will small bark pieces and flowers and Garrett got some bread. it couldn't move at first and it's head was floppy, I though it was going to die but then it sprung up and stood in the container. it seemed to move fine until it took it's chance at flying, it could only fly about a meter high then it would just drop again. it was almost home time so we went to the office, got a box to put him in and I took him home. I put him in my garden and then he eventually built enough strength he flew away. well, that's my story and it happened a long time ago. sometimes when I see a bird like him I just hope he's alright and it still reminds me of that day... dove
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MandyH2105 MandyH2105 27 November 2013
I adopted guinea pigs from my local Australian Cavy Sanctuary shelter. Unfortunately my first two girls died of genetic causes (Aphrodite died a bit over six months after I got her and Nellie her cage mate died seven months after Aphrodite), but I know I made a difference in their lives. Both girls came from backyard breeding set ups and hasn't been well looked after, Nellie in particular hated contact with anyone. Aphrodite settled down relatively quickly and became at ease in her new loving home. Nellie slowly blossomed into a bold, happy piggie who was also quite active. She was devastated after Aphrodite's death but she did bond with her new cage mate Trinket. Nellie would take treats from my hands and happily snuggle with me for an hour toward the end of her life, only a year before she wouldn't cuddle for 5mins without getting restless. Nellie is a true poster piggie for adoption and the difference you can make, I know she would have continued to grow in personality had she been given more time. I'm currently spending my time between finishing high school and starting uni fostering four guinea pigs (as well as looking after my two girls Trinket and Pumpkin, adopted from the same place as Aphrodite and Nellie) from the same shelter. Improving the life of another is the most rewarding experience I've ever had.
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PeeVee&BooBooGirl PeeVee&BooBooGirl 27 November 2013
Hi Naylor, our goldfish has same disease, Coco has been living at the bottom of her bowl for months now, I have reduced the water level so she can still swim up to get food and clean her bowl every couple of days, the poor little thing!  Can you make me a floatation device like Einsteins or give me instructions on how to do one myself?  Coco is tough she won't die easily (as goldfish usually do) so I would like to help her as it is dressing for us to see her like this for so long!
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ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 13 December 2013
That's amazing...!!! Good thinking! happy
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