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No words.

No words.

Posted 8 November 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 13 Comments

Tags: live export, bulls, cows, Mauritius, action

This bull couldn’t move. He couldn’t speak. But in his last moments, he said more than words ever could:

(What happens to the bull next has been edited out of this version, but you can watch it here.)

Helplessness... desperation... fear... it’s difficult to imagine what was going through this bull’s mind as he lay bound, on the gravel, awaiting his fate. His last moments, in a backyard in Mauritius were captured by Animals Australia's investigators. What he endured won't be forgotten, and it will be exposed.

Sadly, countless other Australian bulls also suffered violent and tragic deaths during the Festival of Sacrifice, this October, in Mauritius. (You can watch the full investigation here).

None of this should’ve ever happened. Our investigators witnessed Australian bulls being sold illegally for private slaughter direct from the importer’s feedlot. They had been abandoned to suffer.

Animals like the bull in this video need your help to make sure their suffering does not go unnoticed. Click here to help share this bull’s story.

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Paws89 Paws89 8 November 2013
I saw this video - it makes me sick, the poor bull had fear written across its face and you could see the pain in it's eyes. It breaks my heart.

Why this continues to go on, just leaves me speechless.
I am ashamed to be apart of a society that can allow people across the globe to treat animals like this.
It sickens me.

We are an ignorant society that would much rather turn a blind eye to cruelty on animals in the name of profit or religon << this needs to change.
We need to be a society that believes in compassion for all living creatures and cares for the way these creatures are handled.
via Unleashed

Parsa Parsa 16 November 2013
Don't do that.
via Unleashed

Barb1 Barb1 23 November 2013
via Unleashed

LynnyB LynnyB 26 November 2013
Why do 'they' need to suffer and die so that 'we' can have a good time? If we are the civilised intelligents beings on this planet then planet is well and truly dead.
via Unleashed

Peter Schreiner Peter Schreiner 26 November 2013
Last September I wrote a poem. I try to match these with appropriate pictures as I find them. This sad picture was a fit. When I wrote Betrayal, I put myself into the mind of a remorseful slaughterhouse worker (and after all, before becoming vegan, we're all contributors to the atrocities). The picture is linked to Animals Australia. The poem, if it is of any interest is here:
via Unleashed

Mbar Mbar 26 November 2013
Paws89 said perfectly
via Unleashed

Helen7 Helen7 26 November 2013
I wonder where we are heading as a society.  These ignorant people should be trussed up like this poor animal that has done no harm its whole life.  For God  sake stop cruelty to animals World Wide, I am so upset and angry I am writing this with shaking hands and tears, enough STAMP OUT ANIMAL CRUELTY  !!!! Politicians need to get a backbone. Sick to my stomach at peoples complacency. I hear all the time  "I  just couldn't watch  that, it upsets me too much" Well here's a news flash..nothing is going to change if you remain in ignorance, that makes you as guilty as the perpatrators, nothing will change for these poor defensless animals. So take a stand !!!!!
via Unleashed

mntryjoseph mntryjoseph 26 November 2013
How anyone can torture an innocent creature is beyond me. I hope these bastards choked to death...and not quickly. All abusers deserve the same fate!
via Unleashed

HD HD 27 November 2013
And the  tears it is crying and nobody cares i do not understand how sick people can be .

via Unleashed

MandyH2105 MandyH2105 27 November 2013
The tears down his face say it all. I can't believe there are people in this world who can treat any animal that way.
I apologies to mosquitoes when swatting at them! Animal cruelty is so far beyond my comprehension.
via Unleashed

Boonah Boonah 29 November 2013
Im cying for this poor animal, my heart hurts  sad
via Unleashed

Linda8 Linda8 5 December 2013
I can't even watch these kind of videos! It brakes my heart so much I can't stand it. I wish I could do more for these poor innocent creatures.............. cry
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 21 December 2013
So sad and messed up!
via Unleashed


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