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The Gaza Files

The Gaza Files

Posted 12 December 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: live export, bulls, cows, Gaza, action

#8 ...two men kicked and shoved him, trying to knock him over...

#18 he tried to run, he tripped and fell forward, landing heavily on his head...

#9 ...the slaughterman paused, whilst cutting into his throat, to pose for a photo...

Each of these stories of Australian bulls were filmed by local people in Gaza during the 2013 Festival of Sacrifice and uploaded to YouTube. They, along with 19 others, make up the 22 cases of live export cruelty exposed by Animals Australia this week.

Read enough? Click here to take action for Australian animals.

The live export industry would prefer you didn't see these images. But these animals deserve to have their stories told. Because none of this should ever have happened.

The suffering of these animals show how easily live export regulations – which are supposed to protect them - can be disregarded. The two major political parties in our country still support live export. BUT they also say that regulations must be met and animals must be treated 'humanely'.

The Gaza files clearly show that the system is failing to protect animals from cruelty. That's where you come in. We need your help to get this critical evidence into the hands of your political representative and urge them to stop live exporters from putting animals at risk of such horrendous abuse. Do you accept this mission? Click here to deliver the stories of these 22 Australian bulls to your Federal MP.

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Dew67 Dew67 17 December 2013
via Unleashed

Paws89 Paws89 20 December 2013
This needs to be to stopped, what they are doing isn't for "religous" reason is has nothing to do with a religous process, it is plain cruel. None show remorse, none show an ounce of guilt, none seem to care.
This NEEDS to be stopped.
via Unleashed

wafarmer wafarmer 24 December 2013
will not in any way condone what is done there but please take your fight to the coal face like you expect everyone else to do and please play by the rules you invoke against everyone else, just saying.
I wish you every success to stamp out the cruelty in these countries and you would be backed 100% by the producers here.
via Unleashed

STOPtheCRUELTY STOPtheCRUELTY 24 December 2013
Please, please, will someone LEAD these primitive barbarians into the PRESENT, their superstitious & primitive RITUALS regarding slaughter [& that is exactly what it is, SLAUGHTER] is so abominable, so disgusting, so barbaric, that I find it hard to believe they live in the PRESENT.

The meat of the beast DOES NOT taste any different for all this animals' suffering.......please stop your barbarism & show some HUMANITY !!!!!
via Unleashed

Deborah B Deborah B 26 December 2013
There's nothing that can make live export right. This is one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. Stop this brutality, stop this torture!
via Unleashed


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