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The true price of pet shop puppies ...

The true price of pet shop puppies ...

Posted 13 May 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: puppy factories, Kerang, investigation, video, adopt, companion animals

Do you know that song "how much is that doggy in the window?" My grandpa used to sing it to me. But I could never have imagined the real cost of pet shop window puppies ... the hidden suffering that goes on behind closed doors.

A new investigation has revealed the secret ties between one of Australia's biggest puppy factories based in Victoria, and a number of popular pet stores. If you love dogs, this will shock you:

This is the true cost of many pet shop puppies — a life of misery for the dogs left behind. Not just in Victoria either... Puppy factories are still legal across Australia, and the RSPCA estimates that most dogs sold in pet shops come from puppy factories.

I'm not surprised that some of the pet shops in this investigation were caught misleading customers when they were asked where their dogs came from. Who would want to own up to supporting a puppy factory?

The dogs who are used for breeding in these places will never get to chase a ball, run along the beach or get a belly rub. They will never feel the love of a family. Most of them are forced to have puppies over and over again until they can't any longer. Then they're killed.

As someone who has always had dogs in my family, this breaks my heart. It's sadly ironic, don't you think, that the animals in these places have been bred to be "man's best friend" but they are deprived of any human love :(

But there's some good news! It's easy to make sure that you never ever ever ever EVER support puppy factories. Simply make the choice to always adopt your furry family members from an animal shelter.


Animal shelters are overflowing with dogs and cats who desperately need loving homes. Be a lifesaver and make the pledge to always adopt today.

You might even give an animal the love of a family that they've never known! Unleashed's very own Nellie was adopted from a shelter and she had spent the first five years of her life as a breeding dog in a puppy factory. But I'll let her tell you the story herself ;)

Have you ever adopted an animal from a shelter? I'd love to hear your story in the comments.

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Barney Barney 16 May 2014
Really good videos on puppy mills,we have the same problems in Canada.There is some activity against them but I am not sure how strong it is! You folks are certainly opening my eyes on a lot of issues,keep up the great work.
via Unleashed

Chrissybroman Chrissybroman 16 May 2014
what can i say ?
via Unleashed

Georgina4 Georgina4 16 May 2014
How are pets different from prisoners?
via Unleashed

horselover101 horselover101 21 May 2014
This is so sad it makes me feel so blessed to have a good loved doggy
via Unleashed

horselover101 horselover101 21 May 2014
Because Georgina4 pets have donr nothing to vbe in this prison people have.
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 18 November 2014
about 3-5 years ago I adopted a pound dog from GAWS  
no-kill animal shelter in geelong,
his name is audio and he is a black and tan kelpie who never really barked (unless he is REALLY exited)   dog
via Unleashed


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