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Yay! Mean dog prison closed down!

Yay! Mean dog prison closed down!

Posted 24 September 2014   by Nelliepotatoes         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: puppy factories, Kerang, investigation, adopt, companion animals, victory, good news

I just heard some news that really made my tail wag! This really awful puppy factory place has closed down for good! That means no more dogs like the one in the picture will have to live in this sad, sad place at Kerang (Victoria).

They call it a puppy factory but I call it dog prison. I used to live in one and take it from me, it's not nice. Concrete walls and no love -- that's what dogs in a puppy factory get. And this one in Kerang was just like that. I don’t even want to think about how many puppies got taken away from their mums who had to stay in the prison.

But thank my lucky paws for caring people because somebody told Animals Australia about this puppy factory and do you know what they did? They showed everybody! And just like me nobody wanted dogs to have to live in that place anymore. And now, after being investigated for cruelty, the owners have decided to shut it down!


One day I think all of the puppy factories will be closed down. Since I was adopted I have only met really nice people who want all the dogs to have waggly tails like I do now and so I think that with all these people in the world it won't be long before all the dogs are freed and getting so much love they can't even keep their paws on the ground because of all the waggling.

The way that you can help make this happy, happy day come true is by saying that you'll always adopt animals from a shelter when you are looking for a new best friend. Animals Australia has shown that puppy factories often sell puppies in pet shops and online so if you want to make sure that you aren't supporting puppy factories then adopt, adopt, adopt! And the best part is you will get a loving friend like me who needs a home for life :)


G2g steal a toy off Buddy (my brother) now. Byeee!

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Amy Amy 26 September 2014
Hi Michael. The puppy factory was located in Kerang, Victoria.
via Unleashed

Ginger Neimo Ginger Neimo 26 September 2014
Hate to be a drag, but I think these owners no doubt will start up some where else,where these is no heat on them. People who use animals for self gain- won"t stop- unless forced to, and even then its not 100% guaranteed.They just move on, and they can only be stopped if people simply do not support them.When money stops coming in- then they will stop.
via Unleashed

adoptatxmas adoptatxmas 31 October 2014
It's great to see another puppy farm closed down!! It's about time that this issue finally started seeing some media coverage as well. I think most people don't understand that it is currently LEGAL to operate a puppy farm in NSW. We need to put pressure on regulatory bodies to make sure this is ILLEGAL. I also feel that not enough people know that about 95% of pet stores sell puppies from pet stores. The link between puppy factories and pet stores needs a lot more emphasis to change people's perception. People should walk past pet stores and want to know where the puppies have come from, and feel a sense of regret at thinking about where they may have come from. This needs to happen, rather than people drooling over the 'cuteness' of puppies in windows.
The more people who speak up against pet stores selling puppies from puppy factories, the fewer puppies bought from said pet stores, and fewer demand for factories to exist.
Pet ownership is not something to be 'bought'. Dogs are family members who are at least a 15 year commitment and people shouldn't be impulsively buying puppies without thinking through all the consequences.
via Unleashed


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