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WIN THIS. And eat it. (So yum!)

WIN THIS. And eat it. (So yum!)

Posted 1 December 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 15 Comments

Tags: Suzy Spoons, vegetarian, vegan, go veg, cruelty-free, food win, competition, contest, giveaway

Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher is giving away a festive roast that is so delicious it will make your eyes water. Simply tell us why you're leaving animals off your plate this Christmas for your chance to win!


This festive roast is the yummiest thing you will eat this Christmas. (And maybe ever!) I had one of Suzy Spoon's roast's for Christmas last year, and I swear I was defending my plate from green-eyed relatives the whole time. Jokes. Christmas is about sharing and my whole family tried this roast and LOVED it.

Of course the best thing about this mouth-watering roast is that no animals were killed to make it. It is completely cruelty-free. (I've put the ingredients list below.) Sadly, for millions of animals, Christmas is anything but a time of celebration. Most pigs and chickens in Australia will spend the 'holiday season' in factory farms, with no fancy feast and no love or kindness.

But by choosing to have a cruelty-free Christmas feast, you and your family can help spare animals from a life of sadness.


Leave a comment below saying why you're leaving animals off your plate this Christmas for your chance to win the festive roast from Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher. (Or if you'd prefer, you can order one right away by clicking here.)


Comp closes: Sunday 14 December. (Roast will be posted on the 17th.)

Roasts can be delivered to the following areas ONLY:

NSW: Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong, Northern Rivers, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Albury, Campbelltown, Windsor, Penrith, Berowra

QLD: Brisbane metro, Gold Coast

VIC: Melbourne metro, Wodonga

Roast ingredients: Tofu, gluten flour, onion, water, bread crumbs, mushrooms, plain flour, olive oil, dried cranberries, walnuts, soy sauce, yeast flakes, garlic, miso, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, salt, black pepper. 

UPDATE 15/12/2014: This competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winner - Caterina from NSW with this entry: 

Last Christmas was my first as a vegan, and this year the whole family is joining in. When we celebrate love, gratitude, family and life, we don't discriminate. What better way to live the values of Christmas, and indeed humanity, than by an active refusal to cooperate with injustice? That's why I choose a cruelty free Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to everyone celebrating a cruelty-free Christmas this year :) 

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Chicken Legs Chicken Legs 1 December 2014
On Christmas Day nearly 9 years ago I chose to finally leave animals off of my plate and havn't looked back since ecstatic
via Unleashed

froggyone froggyone 1 December 2014
My decision to never eat meat again was decided one night about 15 years ago when I saw on the news that chooks were being genitcally modified to produce less feathers to make then easier for "processing" This horrified me so much. The sight of the poor chook with a feather here and there was too much for me to bear.
via Unleashed

carlat carlat 1 December 2014
Want to set an example for family, set a new tradition, living animals as companions not dead in the kitchen. Less costly, more healthful, less time by the stove; more love for the family, i want this to bestow.
via Unleashed

TaraStara TaraStara 1 December 2014
I've kept animals off my plate for the last ten Christmases without a single regret. I believe some of that seasonal goodwill and joy should go towards our animal friends - not just fellow humans - so what better way than by making a change and living a meat-free lifestyle?
via Unleashed

nomeatnomad nomeatnomad 3 December 2014
There won't be any meat on my plate this holiday season because happy and merry  shouldn't cause suffering and dying for any sentient being. Peace and love for one and all!
via Unleashed

teagan1 teagan1 6 December 2014
I'm leaving animals off my plate because my 30 minute enjoyment for a holiday is less important than their life, the environment and my own guilt   health.
via Unleashed

KateLL KateLL 9 December 2014
We're leaving animals off the plate because my daughter and I have done so for the last 12   5 years respectively and you couldn't pay us to eat meat. Xmas is such a bloodbath for animals all around the world, and it's also a time of such gluttony. Fortunately, for us gluts there is a cruelty free alternative from Suzy Spoons that puts the mass meat market to shame.
via Unleashed

Jettles Jettles 11 December 2014
My sister and I became vegan after the Animals Australia expos into Live Export cruelty. We could not believe that we had been so ignorant for so long, unaware of the total barbarism of the meat and dairy industries. You could not pay us enough to put meat OR dairy on our plates any more. Our Christmas will be cruelty free. No animal will ever die for us to celebrate! Go vegan...for the animals, and the planet!
via Unleashed

Nai Pony Nai Pony 11 December 2014
Animals are always off my plate, and instead in my heart! love
via Unleashed

Ria N Ria N 12 December 2014
Our Christmases (and every other meal) have been cruelty-free for five years now, so this roast would make the perfect centrepiece for our usual vegan Christmas feast!
via Unleashed

Samanthadavey Samanthadavey 12 December 2014
This christmas will be my families 2nd FULLY vegan christmas happy
via Unleashed

SJ SJ 12 December 2014
Jingle bells, Jingle bells,
Pigs and chickens are cute,
Oh what fun it is to eat
Things you don't have to shoot!
via Unleashed

Patrice Patrice 13 December 2014
why is Christmas to eat another souls dead body? whats so special, i just dont get it you are making your body a cemetery of all the body's that were totured like hell. I know it's a time of celebration but you dont have to eat dead body's to celebrate it. You are more happy and healthy on Christmas if you go vegan or even vegetarian even the animals are more happy. That's why i'm going vegetarian this Christmas and forever. i'm also on my way to vegan!
via Unleashed

Liz2 Liz2 14 December 2014
Christmas is a time of giving and I'm choosing to give life to the animals, which is their right every day of every year.
via Unleashed

meljoy meljoy 15 December 2014
The only animals at my table this Christmas will be my two rescue dogs, waiting underneath the table to catch any food that anyone drops!
via Unleashed


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