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Posted 27 January 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: live export, bulls, Animals Australia, Ban Live Export

Yep. You saw right. That's a big ass Ban Live Export bus wrap! How cool is that?

Here it is again:


Recognise that face? This bull's story is one that I will never forget and if you've heard about him I'm sure you feel the same way. His face said more than words ever could. He was helpless and terrified and awaiting a cruel death :( His suffering was unnecessary.

Live export is a crime against animals. Fact. And we're determined to make sure that animals like the weeping bull never get forgotten by making him SUPER visible. You'll be able to spot his face on buses in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and on taxis in Canberra and Adelaide as of RIGHT NOW.


And he'll be popping up all over the country in no time on more taxis and buses aaaaand even billboards!


How bout that :) I'll keep you posted on where you can spot these as they go up. Where would you like to see one? We're hoping that this campaign will force the big decision makers in our country to open their eyes to the cruelty of live export. Because the truth is that we know that caring Australians like you already support an end to this awful trade. And our Government should reflect what Aussies want right?

You can help send home the message that live export is a crime against animals and we need to end it by taking the time today to write to your local politician. You might like to include our 'Ten reasons the world won't end when live export does' (because politicians can be a bit dramatic about these things.)

Let me know if you spot a Ban Live Export bus, taxi or billboard in your hood. We won't stop fighting for him!

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reddapanda reddapanda 27 January 2015
Hello Cecilia M. I just noticed your reply-comment. Mercy for Animals in the USA also does public advertisements, and is apparently very effective.
via Unleashed

StevieW StevieW 27 January 2015
I would like to support AA if I knew you were doing anything to stop the brutal halal slaughter happening in our own backyard. I am against live export but why is there nothing from AA about halal slaughter going on here in Australia? The reverse stun is a sham and not been used, animals are suffering in our own backyard hard to preach to OS about what is right or ethical  when groups are turning a blind eye here in Oz
via Unleashed

Amy Amy 28 January 2015
Hi StevieW,

Islamic leaders largely accept the practice of stunning, which means from an animal welfare perspective, halal slaughter need not be any 'crueler' than non-halal slaughter. It is illegal for abattoirs in Australia to slaughter animals without stunning, however, a small number of facilities in Australia have been given an exemption in order to practice un-stunned ritual slaughter.

Animals Australia has been campaigning to close the loophole that is allowing non-stun slaughter - both halal and kosher - to occur in Australia. We continue to lobby politicians, have held rallies (see and have provided an online platform for people to make their voices heard on this important issue:

Thousands of Australians have already joined our calls to outlaw this cruel practice. We will continue to campaign against non-stun slaughter as long as necessary. As someone who cares about this issue we hope you will join us. For more information, please see:
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 30 January 2015
That is one big ass beautiful poster all right
via Unleashed

white jaguar white jaguar 11 February 2015
yay now so many people willl seee that and think about live export
via Unleashed

Purple Princess Purple Princess 3 March 2015
OMG i sa w this on a bus the other day and i said to myself 'they are finally getting a message to the public'

Its about time the public realise that animals have feelings too
via Unleashed

Purple Princess Purple Princess 3 March 2015
and maybe put an end to live export
via Unleashed


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