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5 recipes that will change the way you think about vegan food (+ WIN a cookbook!)

5 recipes that will change the way you think about vegan food (+ WIN a cookbook!)

Posted 25 March 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: vegan, vegetarian, cruelty-free, go veg, food, Bed and Broccoli, giveaway, competition, win

No seaweed salads here! Not a kale and quinoa patty to be seen. (Not that I don't love those too!) These 5 mind-blowing recipes will change how you see vegan food and prove that there ain't no thang that can't be made deliciously cruelty-free :) (Click on the pics for recipes.)

[PLUS: Win a cookbook from Bed and Broccoli! See bottom of this blog for how to enter.]

Crème brûlée
I had to start with this one because holy moley. Vegan crème brûlée -- who knew?

Caesar salad with poached 'egg' and hollandaise
Poached eggs? And again ...


Tofish and chips

Zomg. Yum.

Carrot caviar
This made me chuckle a little. Well played vegetables.


All of these recipes are completely free from animal products. The proof is in the crème brûlée that not a single animal has to suffer for us to be able to make crazy good food. The choice to protect pigs, cows, chickens and fish from harm is in your hands. To find out more about the benefits of leaving animals off your plate please click here.

All of the food above was made by the amazing Nikki Medwell who runs a little sanctuary/bed and breakfast called Bed and Broccoli in rural Victoria. Aaand she's recently released a cookbook, which is also amazing. Along with more mind-blowing recipes, the book is full of beautiful pictures of the animals who share her home near Shepparton.

Nikki and friends :)

Thanks to Nikki and JoJo Publishing, I've got TWO Bed and Broccoli cookbooks to giveaway (worth $49.99 each) and I'm going to give them to two people who can make my brain explode with an amazing vegan recipe. Post a link to a recipe or photo of amazing vegan goodness in the comments below for your chance to win one of these -->


Comp closes 30/04/15. Cant wait to see your entries :)

[Images thanks to Bed and Broccoli's Facebook page.] [Thanks to JoJo Publishing for providing the books.] 

P.S. Can't wait to get your hands on the Bed and Broccoli cookbook? Click here to buy a copy online. Would make a great Mother's Day present :)

UPDATE: This comp has now closed. Congratulations to our winners Amanda G. and MichSmith. 

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tuxecat tuxecat 26 March 2015
Vegan macaroni cheese! I created this recipe myself, and I got it published in my local library service's community cookbook to spread the mac n cheeze love.
via Unleashed

Anaky Anaky 26 March 2015
I really love this it is easy also works well with left over pumpkin soup. Although there is not much else there it makes up in taste .Great in winter / cold weather.
Tastes great.
via Unleashed

Anaky Anaky 30 March 2015
Sorry my previous link didn't work here it is again
Creamy pumpkin pasta = yummy
via Unleashed

Jhon28806 Jhon28806 1 April 2015
Vegan macaroni cheese is a great delicious food recipe for vegans; with a crispy herby topping, this vegan macaroni cheese is sure to be a favorite! I really love this.

via Unleashed

MichSmith MichSmith 2 April 2015
I can not stop making these vegan 'sausage' rolls with mushrooms. They are divine, and great for picnics or parties!
via Unleashed

MichSmith MichSmith 2 April 2015
Also these burgers are incredible, the peanut sauce is to die for. A huge hit with all non vegan friends too happy
via Unleashed

xxharlequin7xx xxharlequin7xx 16 April 2015
I found this recipe the other day!! A recent Vegan discovery of using the juice from canned chickpeas to make vegan marshmellow fluff!!! (and vegan meringue!!) I am so excited to try this!! Vegan food is the best! ecstatic
via Unleashed

Catty-corner Catty-corner 16 April 2015
Some great recipes here - can't wait to try some of them!

This one is simple, delicious, and BEAUTIFUL ! Please take a look -
via Unleashed

The British Aussie The British Aussie 23 April 2015
My very own recipe for Cruelty Free German Biscuits happy
via Unleashed


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