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Here's to dads!

Here's to dads!

Posted 28 August 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Father's Day, penguins, foxes, frogs, wolves, marmosets

No matter your species, there's some amazing dads out there. If you know a great dad, send him some thanks this Father's Day.

Thanks for all the lifts

Marmoset dads piggyback their kids all over the place.

Thanks for the times you brought me takeaway

Wolf dads will bring back food for mother and pups in the den while they get strong.

Thanks for keeping me warm

Emperor penguin dads carry the incubating egg around on their feet to keep the baby penguin inside toasty warm.

Photo: APL/DCL

Thanks for teaching me important stuff

Red foxes teach their kids to feed themselves by hiding and burying food and encouraging the kits to sniff it out.

And thanks for the hugs

Oreophryne frog dads gently hug their babies to keep them from drying out, and to protect them from insects.

If you know a dad who deserves some thanks you could share this with them for Father's Day.

Lots of animals don't have fathers around and likewise, not all humans will share this day with their dad. My heart goes out to those who find Father's Day tough and I hope that no matter what, everyone finds comfort amongst friends and family this Sunday 6th September.

Header image courtesy of Exclusivepix.

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Purple Princess Purple Princess 9 September 2015
yeah the male seahorse is the best by far as he is the one who gives birth right?? confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused
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