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96% of greyhounds are killed

96% of greyhounds are killed

Posted 30 September 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: greyhound racing, horse racing, Blue, greyhounds

Wow. Some shocking stats have come out of the NSW Greyhound industry -- an inquiry has found that anywhere between 13,000 and 17,000 greyhounds are killed every year! What's more, the Inquiry heard that as few as 4 in every 100 dogs born into the industry will make it beyond 2 months of age :(

Last night on The Project, a greyhound trainer admitted that to get to zero greyhound deaths is just not possible. We have a rescue greyhound who "works" in our office and it breaks my heart to think that he very well could have been one of the dogs in these awful statistics. When he broke his leg, his trainer was getting ready to "dispose" of him but he got a lucky save.

Blue hard at work. More pics of Blue.

Blue is the sweetest, gentlest dog and many greyhound owners would say this is typical of his breed. So to me, anything more than zero is an unacceptable number of greyhound deaths. And the greyhound trainer was wrong to say it's not possible. It is possible. Just not while greyhound racing exists.


Two greyhound trainers told the NSW inquiry that 90% of trainers are involved in brutal 'live baiting' of possums, piglets, rabbits and other small animals. Not surprisingly, greyhound racing is facing calls to be shut down. But we don't have to wait for the laws to change to bring an end to greyhound racing. The most powerful thing you can do to help dogs and other animals is to sign the pledge to never bet on a greyhound race and to encourage your friends and family to do the same.


The trainer interviewed on The Project also said that just like with greyhound racing, the horse racing industry would never be able to guarantee that no horses will die.

Horse racing trainers everywhere.

But it's true -- greyhounds aren't the only victims of Australia's racing industry. Many horses bred to race are killed. Here's what you need to know about horse racing ...

Sign the pledge to help end this.

One of the biggest racing events of the year -- the Melbourne cup -- is only a few short weeks away. If you'd like to take a stand against racing, you might like to consider one of these 5 ways to celebrate without cruelty.

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reddapanda reddapanda 5 October 2015
Thanks Amy - very good article, on an issue where there's public momentum for change. People won't be happy with this many dogs being killed for sport. Horses next.
via Unleashed

reddapanda reddapanda 5 October 2015
P.s. Although I think the greyhounds dogs racing will be more straightforward than horse-racing. Because of the differing histories/relationships of people with dogs and horses.

Humans didn't ride dogs for transport, they've been associated with sport and companionship. Horses have been associated with work (transport etc), and for many people they don't live with horses so the known-connection isn't as prevalent as with dogs.

Add to that, that many fewer people bet on the dogs than bet on horse racing (Spring carnival time). I think it's much more likely that dog racing can be eliminated, while horse racing be reformed but not eliminated. (E.g. that 1% of bets went to welfare initiatives.)
via Unleashed

reddapanda reddapanda 5 October 2015
And more jumps racing bans would be good. Some areas of Australia have it and others don't.

More information here:
via Unleashed

ReshiramWillNPit ReshiramWillNPit 2 November 2015
I don't understand how a vicious 'sport' like this is acceptable.
It is possible to stop them!
via Unleashed

FreeTheAnimals101 FreeTheAnimals101 15 November 2015
Its crazy, absolutely crazy.
via Unleashed

Shaelle Shaelle 25 November 2015
Many greyhounds "rejects" will never find new homes. Common training methods & general mishandling turns those dogs into unsuitable rehoming candidates. Euthanasia is the inevitable outcome.
Unfortunately, this also happens with all other dog breeds, originally acquired for all the wrong reasons then dumped. Some bounce back from their traumatic past. Some don't. There are just too many needy K9s out there and not enough resources available.
via Unleashed


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