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Activist Challenge

Best/saddest school project ever?

Best/saddest school project ever?

Posted 24 June 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: factory farming, pigs, Make it Possible, Activist Challenge, contest, winner

Assignments can be a drag no doubt but 14 year old Madi found a way to use her school project to create awareness about animals in factory farms :) And for that, she's our latest Activist Challenge winner!

Check out the picture book she made called 'Freedom':


What did you think? It's sad to think of all those animals in cages isn't it? And the one day that they see the outside world is when they're trucked to slaughter :( But it doesn't have to be this way! Which is why this is my favourite page in the story:


There is a happier place for animals. And you can help free them all from cages simply by making kind choices. Watch this 2 minute video to find out how we're going to end factory farming together:

Seems a pretty simple solution to the number 1 cause of animal cruelty today huh? By taking one (or all) of these steps you can start making a massive difference for animals in factory farms:

'Freedom' author Madi is not only getting active by spreading the word for animals at her school she is also speaking out against factory farming at rallies! Are you doing something awesome to help animals? We want to hear about it! Enter our Activist Challenge comp and like Madi, you could win an Unleashed prize pack and a sweet rep for helping animals.

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How to make a BAG difference for animals :)

How to make a BAG difference for animals :)

Posted 30 April 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, contest, winner, factory farming, live export, activism

"If we don't do something now, when will we?" – Jasmine Roney, age 16

Can you remember when you first learned about the terrible things that happen to animals? I remember feeling disbelief and wondering what I could do to help. When Jasmine learned about cruelty, she felt empowered to act.

In 2012 Jasmine started making calico bags with original designs on them to raise funds to help animals in factory farms and in the live animal export trade. These might seem like big issues for a 15 year old to tackle but as Jasmine quickly learned, we are not alone in wanting to help animals :)

Fast forward to now – here is a picture of Jasmine and Costa from ABC's Gardening Australia at the launch party for her Bags for Change project in Richmond :)


Jasmine raised a whopping $1800 for animals by selling her fair-trade, reusable bags. (You can still purchase a bag for yourself at the Bags for Change Facebook page.)


There was also a raffle with donated prizes from companies who supported Jasmine's cause AND an art competition with an awesome 60 entrants!


It all started with the decision to make a difference. As Jasmine says, "for one second be bold enough to think that you can change the world because the ones who are brave enough to think that are the ones that do."

Is there an issue of cruelty that really gets to you? Do you have an idea to help change the world for animals? You can start your very own fundraising page by clicking here and filling out the details about your project. Or you can choose one of the challenges suggested :)

Jasmine wrote to us after her bag launch and said, "you all inspire me every day." Well Jasmine, I can speak for all of the Unleashed team when I say that you inspire us!

We were so moved by Jasmine's passion when we heard about her project. And we just can't get enough of hearing about the awesome things that people get up to to be a strong voice for animals. So if you're doing something awesome, get the credit for it you deserve by entering our Activist Challenge comp.


P.S. If you'd like to leave a message of support for Jasmine, you can do so in the comments below :)

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Winning activist speaks up for horses

Winning activist speaks up for horses

Posted 5 February 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, contest, winner, horses, horse racing, activism

Seventeen year old Cianah (Unleashed member freehorses) has been a horse lover for as long as she can remember. When she discovered what happened to racehorses who aren't 'good enough' she had to make a stand. "I realised I couldn’t just sit back," says Cianah. "I want everyone to know what really happens." What she did next is why she is our latest Activist Challenge Winner. :)

If you're anything like me, the thought of speaking in front of a bunch of people in high school is enough to make you pull the doona up over your head and throw a sickie. Not Cianah! She recently got up in front of the WHOLE senior assembly on a mission to reveal the truth about the racing industry. "I realised that so many of my class mates and even family members liked horse racing," Cianah says, "so I became determined to do something about it."

Her speech included everything from excessive whipping to the premature training of young horses and concluded with the unnecessary slaughter of thousands of horses every year. :( You can see for yourself by watching the video below, but please be aware that the content is graphic:

The best news is that several students came up to Cianah after the speech and said that they never knew about the cruelty in the racing industry and pledged to never bet on horse races. (Click here to make the pledge yourself.)

Cianah is now looking to find some horse-loving, musically talented buddies to create a group dedicated to helping more horses. What a great idea!

Have you been getting up to something awesome to help animals? If so, we want to hear about it. Click here to read about our other Activist Challenge Winners and to enter for yourself. You could win an awesome prize pack like Cianah. :)

Cianah and her horse Trillian.

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Young girls fight to free pigs.

Young girls fight to free pigs.

Posted 20 August 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Make it Possible, Coles, factory farming, pigs, chickens, video, Activist Challenge, contest, winner

This put a HUGE smile on my face!

When I was ten years old, I thought that being active meant getting out of bed on athletics carnival day. (Somehow mum always saw straight through my carnival day sickies.)

But Tess and Phoebe from Summer Hill (doesn’t that sound like a magical place?) have a whole different idea about what it means to get active. They have been using their karate craft-making skills and butt-kicking baking abilities to campaign for animals!

“We want to see a world without factory farming because animals deserve so much more than to spend their whole life cooped up in a tiny cage,” say Tess and Phoebe. And they are not alone... More than 150,000 people have made the Make It Possible pledge to help end factory farming:

Thankfully there are activists out there like Tess and Phoebe who are speaking up for animals. Which is why they are Unleashed’s latest Activist Challenge Winners. And if you're feeling inspired by Tess and Phoebe's efforts, you can head here to start raising funds for animals as well.

Have you been getting active for animals? Tell us what you’ve been up to and you could be the next Activist Challenge winner. (Psst psst ... there’s an awesome prize pack in it for you ;) ).

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New Activist Challenge winner!

New Activist Challenge winner!

Posted 13 June 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, contest, winner

Our latest Activist Challenge winner, Sarah, has found a really neat way to not only make Election Day fun, but make it count for animals. She has used the last four polling days as opportunities to get the word out about kindness to animals. She puts together fun information packs with stickers, flyers and veg-friendly restaurant menus and hands them out to voters and electoral volunteers at her local polling booth.


I thought it was such a cool thing for Sarah to do, that I told these turtles about it and they were also pretty psyched.

Sarah has been an animal lover for many, many years but in 2010 she started looking into the cruelty in factory farms, and really got proactive about speaking up for animals. 

This year will be her third year leafleting on election days. "It's fun because nobody expects it," she says. "And I'm quick like a cat."

It's a tough world for animals, because their voice doesn't get heard in parliament. (Although this horse has managed to make his political views pretty clear ;)). So with so many people passing by the voting booth on election day, it's a great place to remind people that we need to be the ones to speak up for animals. Keep it up Sarah!

Think you might want to follow Sarah's inspiring lead this coming election? Send her a PM and I'm sure she'd be happy to offer some tips.

What awesome thing have you done to be the voice for animals? Tell us about it and you could be our next Activist Challenge winner and win a bunch of cool stuff!

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Activist Challenge winner meets the PM!

Activist Challenge winner meets the PM!

Posted 26 March 2013   by Jesse         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, live exports, go veg, contest, winner

If you had a chance to sit down with Prime Minister what would you talk to her about?

Unleashed member ecochick (or Leah to her mates) was faced with just that question recently, when Julia Gillard paid a visit to her school. Check out what Leah and her best buds had to say to the PM, and you'll understand soon enough why she's our latest Activist Challenge winner.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard at Aberfoyle Park High SchoolSpeaking to the PM about factory farming and live animal exports is fantastic. But the cherry on top is that Leah and her friends challenged the Prime Minister to go veg for two weeks. And she accepted!

I'll be crossing my fingers that Julia tries out my mum's vegan lasagne recipe in her two weeks of meat-free meals.

Mum's lasagne + a few vegan cupcakes to sweeten the deal, and with any luck Ms Gillard could become the next cruelty-free world leader. Bill Clinton and the ex-President of Slovenia (yup - random fact of the day - he was vegan), would be proud.

But now I'm getting off topic... We were talking about future leaders (I'm looking at you Leah). You can find out more about Leah's meeting with Julia Gillard here and show her some love for her efforts here!

Have you been getting active for animals too? Tell us your story and go in the running to be an Unleashed Activist Challenge winner, just like Leah :-)

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New Activist Challenge winner!

New Activist Challenge winner!

Posted 22 January 2013   by Anthony         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, contest, winner

There's a saying that goes: "Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal." Find out how Unleashed member rhi_jenkins has changed the world by rescuing abandoned and unwanted animals - some of them destined to become pet meat. For her efforts, Rhi is the latest winner of the Unleashed Activist Challenge! This is her story...

There must be something good in the water down in Tasmania because there are some amazing and compassionate people down there. First it was Emma Haswell and all the team at Brightside Farm Sanctuary, and now there's Rhi.

It doesn't matter whether it's lizards, pigs or horses, Rhi is there to help. After a life-changing experience at high school, Rhi decided to put her energy and passion into saving animals. Here's just one of her rescue stories:

Read the rest of Rhi's story, and discover past Activist Challenge winners here. If you've been getting active for animals - you can also submit your story there! And to sweeten the deal, Activist Challenge winners receive an exclusive Unleashed prize pack. Score!

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New Activist Challenge winner!

New Activist Challenge winner!

Posted 24 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Activist Challenge, contest, winner

Do you remember primary school? Every day was a paradise. There was nap-time and you got a scratch-and-sniff sticker just for being a neat writer! And then you hit high school and everything changed. No more Show-and-Tell to start the day. It was replaced by massive homework assignments and a calculator with a thousand different buttons.

High school can get pretty overwhelming, and sometimes it's hard to find time to help animals when you're buried with school work. That's why Lea's efforts to make her school a more compassionate place are so impressive. And that's also why she's the latest winner of Unleashed's Activist Challenge!

Despite battling through the heavy workload of Year 11 and 12, Lea still found the time and energy to get involved in a number of projects at her school. One highlight was hosting a vegan BBQ pool party for 200 hyped-up Year 8 kids. Another highlight - getting someone else to clean up after them.

When Lea finished Year 12, she left her school a more open-minded and animal-friendly place. You can find out just how she achieved this by reading the full story here.

For her efforts Lea has scored an Unleashed prize pack and much good karma. I even heard a rumour that Justin Bieber is writing a song about her! (I started the rumour though, so it may not be true.)

If you're getting active for animals, we want to hear about it. Tell us your story and you could be the next Activist Challenge winner! Good luck!

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New Activist Challenge winner!

New Activist Challenge winner!

Posted 23 July 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, contest

An old saying once went: "Young people should be neither seen nor heard". As you can imagine, that saying doesn't get much play around Unleashed. Every day young Aussies are making a massive effort to be seen and to have their voices heard as they speak up for animals. And that's exactly the way it should be!

Unleashed's Activist Challenge competition is designed to recognise and encourage young people who are making a difference for animals. Last month's winner was Shanii (read her story here), who was chosen from heaps of nominees who are out there making the world a kinder place for animals.

Our newest Activist Challenge winner is ... AllyCat! Ally has been getting active for the animals in more ways than I can possibly count on my fingers (and without them I'm lost). Her story shows how easy it is for anyone to get themselves into gear and start making the world around them safer for countless animals. Leafleting, email campaigning, tweeting for the cause, raising awareness with a powerpoint presentation - even just helping friends make compassionate decisions - every bit helps.

For being a bundle of energy and empathy - Ally is our latest and very deserving Activist Challenge winner! *whistles* *claps until hands are sore* Ally scores an Unleashed prize pack to celebrate the good news.

If you've been out there changing the world for the animals, then we want to hear about it! Tell us what you've been up to, and you could be the next Unleashed activist snagging the prize and the applause!

And remember, young people most definitely SHOULD be seen and DESERVE to be heard!

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New Activist Challenge Winner!

New Activist Challenge Winner!

Posted 21 October 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, factory farming, school, contest

With so many inspiring animal activists in the Unleashed Community, it's high time we announced another Activist Challenge winner and there have been many worthy nominations!

So without further ado, congratulations to our most recent Activist Challenge winner, HannahJane for informing and inspiring others in her community to make a difference for animals.

A passionate vegetarian, Hannah has been busy spreading the word about how to combat cruelty. She's convinced her bestie to go veg, did a powerful powerpoint presentation to her school on factory farming (with plans to do the same at other schools), has gotten Animals Australia's petitions into local busniesses and collected hundreds of signatures, and more...

We take our hats off to Hannah for making a big difference for the animals. For her superb efforts, Hannah has scored herself an Unleashed prize pack.

I can't wait to see more of the excellent entries to the challenge! Tell us your story now to be next in line to score kudos and goodies ;)

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New Unleashed Activist Challenge Winner: jack

New Unleashed Activist Challenge Winner: jack

Posted 25 August 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 24 Comments

Tags: Activist Challenge, dissection, school, cage free campus, contest

Congrats to Jack for being the second winner of the Unleashed Activist Challenge. At 13 he may be young, but he's already having a huge impact. Not only has Jack successfully campaigned his school to give students the choice not to dissect, he has also helped developed class content for a term in animal ethics, which is now taught in years 5 - 12 at his school. And now he's got his sights set on getting his school to stop using cage eggs. Top work Jack! I can't wait to hear about your next victory!

If you're inspired by Jack's efforts and want to let us know how you're helping animals, why not enter the Unleashed Activist Challenge. You could be the next winner of our activist prize pack, not to mention much kudos.

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