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New doco UNITY has a BIG question to ask ...

New doco UNITY has a BIG question to ask ...

Posted 27 July 2015   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: Unity, movie, documentary

This epic documentary is about to hit screens across Australia with an aim to get people to see the world through new eyes. Here's the trailer:

I got to see a preview of UNITY and the message is plain and simple, yet something that we too often forget: We all exist on this earth, we all experience joy and we all suffer. So why do we tend to focus on our differences instead of what unites us? Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past? Or can we open our eyes (and hearts) and learn to truly love ourselves, our planet and our fellow species?

Not the same. But equal.

From the writer and director of EARTHLINGS, UNITY is told by 100 different narrators, including Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Dr. Dre, Geoffrey Rush, Selena Gomez, Aaron Paul and Jaoquin Phoenix. With a message that's close to our hearts, we were delighted when Mushroom Pictures asked Animals Australia to partner with them for the launch of UNITY in Australia.

See UNITY on the big screen:

UNITY hits cinemas worldwide on August 12. Sessions are scheduled for VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, WA, ACT and TAS. Click here to find a session time near you.

In Sydney? WIN a double pass!

We're giving away 25 double passes to the Sydney preview of UNITY on August 3. Click here to enter!

PLEASE NOTE: UNITY is a deeply thought provoking film that is not afraid to challenge its audience. It contains images of human and animal suffering that may be confronting for some viewers. It is not suitable for children.

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Help Dolphins and Score Movie Tix!

Help Dolphins and Score Movie Tix!

Posted 21 August 2009   by Angie         Permalink | 70 Comments

Tags: The Cove, video, documentary, Japan, dolphins, dolphin slaughter, take action, giveaway

You learn something new every day... unfortunately!

So I thought by now I was pretty aware of international animal cruelty, but a new documentary I saw last week really shocked me. The Cove, which is being launched in Australia next week, exposes the mass slaughter of Dolphins in a little Japanese town called Taiji.

"Mass dolphin slaughter?? What the!!" Yes, that's right, each year, starting on the 1st of September a whopping 23,000 terrified dolphins are herded into a secret cove. They are netted in, unable to escape and are slowly speared or stabbed to death!

And why haven't we heard of this before? Because the Japanese Government has gone to painstaking efforts to keep the slaughter a secret, even from it's own people. Dolphin meat is being labelled and sold as other types of seafood and the vast majority of Japanese citizens have no idea this is happening, or that they are eating it!

International dolphin expert and former trainer Richard O'Barry has gone to incredible efforts to expose this terrible secret. In creating The Cove he took an elite team of scientists, filmmakers and free-divers to Taiji. He hopes the international outrage The Cove will create will put a stop to this barbaric practice... HOPEFULLY before this September's slaughter begins.

So what can you do? Fortunately, as Australians we're in a unique position to help! Taiji just so happens to be the Sister-City of Broome in WA. By putting pressure on Broome to sever it's ties with Taiji we will expose the slaughter and shame Japan. The good news is that most Japanese people see dolphins the same way westerners do – as intelligent, graceful animals who should never be hurt or eaten – but whilst the slaughter remains a secret sadly it will continue.

[UPDATE: Some great news! After a flood of letters, Broome Councilors met over the weekend and decided to sever their ties with the Japanese town of Taiji.

We still have a couple of 2-for-1 passes to giveaway to see The Cove (opening this week)! If you want to score yourself a pass then please write to Broome to thank them for taking a stand against the dolphin slaughter in Japan and severing their ties with Taiji. Then leave a comment below to let us know you've written.

Broome Shire Council: [email protected]

Thanks to everyone who helped in this campaign!]

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Inspiring New Doco: The Burning Season

Inspiring New Doco: The Burning Season

Posted 7 July 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: documentary, orangutans, environment, video

If you're thinking of catching a flick this week, you might like to check out the new Aussie doco "The Burning Season" (starting 9th July). Narrated by Hugh Jackman, this film follows the young Aussie entrepreneur, Dorjee Sun, in his efforts to save the Indonesian rainforest and the orangutans who live.

The trailer looks fantastic. Who doesn't like an inspiring story of someone changing the world!

While you're waiting for the film's release, you might also want to check out the accompanying website. The site offers ten practical ways that anyone can help the planet. It's good to see reducing meat consumption makes a mention.

If you catch the film, I'd love to hear what you think.

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