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KFC adds new item to menu.

KFC adds new item to menu.

Posted 8 January 2013   by Anthony         Permalink | 33 Comments

Tags: gross, KFC, chicken

If you've just eaten, you might want to skip today's blog. It's pretty gross. OK, that's enough of a warning, so read on when you're ready!

Ibrahim Langoo - a student in England - recently found out what the special ingredient was at his local KFC. While hoeing into his meal, he came across a "brain-like organ" in his meal. He took a photo of it, so now you can enjoy the sight too!

KFC surprise!

Ibrahim said, "I suddenly felt grim and really sick". You ain't the only one, Ibrahim! A spokesperson for KFC later said it was probably a kidney, not a brain. Which doesn't make me feel any better...

Really though, I'd like to thank Ibrahim for sharing his experience. Because I've been sitting on three other gross stories about meat-eating which I've wanted to share for a while, and now I have the perfect opportunity to share them with you. (Thank me later.)

1) Suppliers in Australia sold pet-meat and maggot-ridden offcuts to customers for human consumption. That lovely story here.

2) A year-long investigation revealed that most of the beef in the US suffers from "massive fecal contamination". I'll let you google "fecal" for yourself. Enjoy that story here.

3) Butchers have been glueing meat scraps together to form one bigger piece of meat which they then sell to customers. Watch that story here.

While these stories in themselves may make your stomach turn, if you think about - are they any less disturbing then eating parts of a corpse? Whether it's the leg from a chicken, a pig's belly, or flesh from a cow's backside - it's all part of the same process. The big difference is that much of the meat people eat is presented in such a way that diners don't make the connection between their meal and the animal who was killed for it. (The "final product" sold in supermarkets and restaurants also hides the mistreatment of animals before they are killed.)

Should Ibrahim have been so grossed out when he found that kidney/brain in his meal? What do you think?

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Lady Gaga Gets Gory

Lady Gaga Gets Gory

Posted 8 September 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 42 Comments

Tags: Lady Gaga, meat, Vogue, gross, video, slaughter, veg

Lady Gaga has taken the cake for revolting this week by appearing on the cover of Men's Vogue in Japan wearing nothing but a bikini made of raw meat. *gag*

Ok, I know Gaga has built her fame on her outrageous fashion, but draping yourself in the flesh of butchered animals is just tasteless attention seeking. In fact, Miss Gore-gore looks about as ugly here as is the reality of how that meat-kini came to be dead. But pictures speak louder than words, so I'll let you decide which is uglier.

What do you think? Which is uglier Lady Gore-gore, or the reality of what happened to the cows she's wearing?

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