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KFC adds new item to menu.

KFC adds new item to menu.

Posted 8 January 2013   by Anthony         Permalink | 33 Comments

Tags: gross, KFC, chicken

If you've just eaten, you might want to skip today's blog. It's pretty gross. OK, that's enough of a warning, so read on when you're ready!

Ibrahim Langoo - a student in England - recently found out what the special ingredient was at his local KFC. While hoeing into his meal, he came across a "brain-like organ" in his meal. He took a photo of it, so now you can enjoy the sight too!

KFC surprise!

Ibrahim said, "I suddenly felt grim and really sick". You ain't the only one, Ibrahim! A spokesperson for KFC later said it was probably a kidney, not a brain. Which doesn't make me feel any better...

Really though, I'd like to thank Ibrahim for sharing his experience. Because I've been sitting on three other gross stories about meat-eating which I've wanted to share for a while, and now I have the perfect opportunity to share them with you. (Thank me later.)

1) Suppliers in Australia sold pet-meat and maggot-ridden offcuts to customers for human consumption. That lovely story here.

2) A year-long investigation revealed that most of the beef in the US suffers from "massive fecal contamination". I'll let you google "fecal" for yourself. Enjoy that story here.

3) Butchers have been glueing meat scraps together to form one bigger piece of meat which they then sell to customers. Watch that story here.

While these stories in themselves may make your stomach turn, if you think about - are they any less disturbing then eating parts of a corpse? Whether it's the leg from a chicken, a pig's belly, or flesh from a cow's backside - it's all part of the same process. The big difference is that much of the meat people eat is presented in such a way that diners don't make the connection between their meal and the animal who was killed for it. (The "final product" sold in supermarkets and restaurants also hides the mistreatment of animals before they are killed.)

Should Ibrahim have been so grossed out when he found that kidney/brain in his meal? What do you think?

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Would you like lies with that?

Would you like lies with that?

Posted 19 September 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 20 Comments

Tags: chickens, factory farming, advertising, KFC, Steggles, La Ionica

If somebody told you that an animal was 'free to roam', you'd probably think that's a pretty good situation, right? Not so if you're a chicken in a factory farm. Can you believe the chicken industry has been calling this 'free to roam'?!


Alright, it's probably no surprise that an industry willing to lock thousands of animals in sheds like this is also willing to bend the truth when they try to sell dead animals to the public. But this time around, it doesn't look like they'll get away with it.


Following a complaint, prompted by Animals Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has decided to take a number of chicken producers (including producers for Steggles and La Ionica) to court for misleading advertising.

But these companies aren't the only ones using these dodgy tactics to sell chickens. Seeing the writing on the wall, KFC have now taken all claims that their chickens are 'free to roam' off their website.

If the ACCC case is successful, then Steggles, La Ionica and the Australian Chicken Meat Federation will be forced to publicly correct their misleading claims.


If only the ACCC could also force them to tell the public that birds inside their sheds have been selectively bred to grow so unnaturally fast that many cannot even lift their own body weight to reach food or water. Or that they kill the birds when they are only 6 weeks old -- cutting their lives short by about 11 years. Or that because these animals are forced to live in their own waste many suffer chemical burns to their chest and legs.

But we don't need to wait for the chicken industry to admit their shady sales tactics. Take the Quiz to find out if you've been duped by the chicken industry. Then click here to post it to Facebook and challenge your mates to see if they can see through the industry spin.

Update: 10th January, 2012 -- Chicken meat company La Ionica has agreed to settle! They've been ordered to pay a $100,000 fine, remove the misleading advertisement from shops and publish an ad admitting liability in a Melbourne newspaper. Baiada, Bartter and the Australian Chicken Meat Federation are continuing with the case though, which will go to court in March of this year. Stay tuned!

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