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Missy Higgins

Look who's adopting and why...

Look who's adopting and why...

Posted 10 January 2013   by Anthony         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: dogs, pet overpopulation, puppy mills, adopt, Missy Higgins, Miley Cyrus

Proving that money DOESN'T buy you love, some big-time celebs have recently decided to adopt pooches into their family, rather than buy them. Check out the stories and adorable pics of their new best friends!

Miley & BeanMiley Cyrus (or Hannah Montana, I never remember which one is real) and her Aussie fiance Liam Hemsworth (who really only needs one word written on his resume: "HUNK") recently adopted a Chihuahua mix named Bean. Here's just one photo of the little fella; you can find about a million more on Miley's twitter.

And in Australia, the very talented and very lovely Missy Higgins went undercover recently in Griffiths, NSW to adopt Gizmo. I had to include three pictures of Gizmo - I hope you don't mind :)

Missy & Gizmo

So why am I always banging on about adopting rather than buying dogs and cats? "They're all the same aren't they??" Yep, you're right - they ARE all the same. There is nothing wrong or faulty with cats and dogs in shelters. (Did you see the dogs who were taught to drive in NZ to prove how wonderful shelter dogs are?) They've ended up there because someone who was meant to look after them hasn't been doing that. And that's not the dog or cat's fault.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds and thousands of these kissable critters stuck in pounds and shelters across Australia. Uncontrolled breeding, and worse - puppy mills! - have led to a massive overpopulation of dogs and cats. There simply aren't enough loving families for them to join. Buying from pet stores or online may mean you are giving money directly to someone whose only care about dogs and cats is to make money.

You can make a personal promise to all the dumped dogs and cats in shelters around Australia: that you'll always adopt rather than buy when you're ready to welcome a furry friend to your home. Take the pledge now.

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Which celebs are using their powers for good?

Which celebs are using their powers for good?

Posted 25 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: celebrities, Jona Weinhofen, Missy Higgins, Brian May, Ricky Gervais, Action Team

Sometimes you hear of celebrities doing some crazy things and you think, "Maybe they're not the best role models." (Michael Jackson swinging his kid over a balcony, anyone?). But then sometimes you hear of them doing something that's actually pretty worthwhile. Check out these celebs who've decided to use their powers for good rather than evil, and see how you can be a star for animals too.

I'm gonna start with Brian May, guitarist for rock legends Queen, just because I like his hair so much. Brian is a driving force in the opposition to a proposed culling of badgers in the UK. Badgers are native to the UK, but farmers are worried that they spread disease among their cattle. Rather than look into alternatives to prevent this from happening, farmers are insisting on just shooting badgers en masse. Brain May is using his celebrity status to make the public aware of this, and hopefully prevent it from happening. You can protect animals in Australia from suffering at the hands of hunters too. Send a message to the pollies in charge that hunting is cruel and unnecessary - and that it needs to stop.

Keeping with the musician theme, Australia's own Missy Higgins is renowned for her efforts in helping animals. Despite constant touring and releasing a new hit record, Missy found time to make a stand against battery cages. Hens in battery cages go their entire lives without feeling the sun on their feathers and the ground beneath their feet. Instead they are crammed several birds to one wire cage with no room to spread their wings. Missy jumped at the chance to help battery hens, providing her time and voice to an Animals Australia campaign to get rid of battery cages in Australia. You can help too, by pledging to make the battery cage history.

There's no denying that Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest people on Earth. The compassionate comedian is also very vocal in speaking out against testing on animals, and with 3 million followers on twitter the message is reaching a massive audience. How could anyone not be against animal testing though, when you hear the cruelty the animals endure for the sake of a new lipstick or toothpaste? Thousands of animals every year are confined in laboratories only to be burned, poisoned and killed in unnecessary product tests. You can join with Ricky against animal testing, by taking the pledge against products tested on animals.

This list could go for days, but I'll wrap it up with a favourite celeb here at Unleashed - Jona Weinhofen, guitarist for Bring Me The Horizon (and also I Killed the Prom Queen). Vegan for over 10 years, Jona has put his fame to good use by talking up the benefits of a vegan lifestyle - for both you and animals. He recently committed to donating proceeds from a garage sale to Animals Australia, and his tumblr feed is a constant source of cool info and ideas for fans interested in animal protection. (You can also keep track of the latest developments with his beard growing - he's in love with that beard!). Jona proves that there's a hundred different ways anyone can get involved. Join the Unleashed Action Team and find out for yourself how easy it can be to help animals!

If you've got a craving for more news about animal-loving celebs, you may wanna take a look at this list of stars who are all living vegan or vegetarian. It is a LONG list!

p.s. With all your new knowledge about compassionate celebs, you'll be over-qualified to enter our current comp to win your choice of shirt from Herbivore Clothing in the US. Find out how to win, but hurry 'cos entries close this week!

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Missy Lends Her Voice to the Birds

Missy Lends Her Voice to the Birds

Posted 30 April 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Missy Higgins, chickens, eggs, battery cages, video, bands, music

Missy Higgins is the complete package -- a chart-topping musician, a budding actress, and best of all, she practically oozes compassion. As well as releasing her latest (sure-to-be) hit album, Missy has joined forces with Animals Australia to give her beautiful voice to the most abused animals on the planet -- battery hens.

So why is Missy speaking up for hens? Well, in the EU, battery cages have been completely banned. But get this -- in Australia, 12 MILLION hens are still imprisoned in battery cages! Whaaat??

These hens live their whole lives in a space no larger than an A4 piece of paper. They can't stretch or flap their wings; and as chicks they have their beaks sliced off with a hot blade! And I hate to say it, but there's so much more I could tell you.

So ... YOU know about the cruelty involved with cage eggs, and MISSY knows about it too. What about your friends though? If you think they should know, then throw the video on your facebook or share it on twitter.

P.S. There's another reason why you should give eggs a miss. The biggest difference you could make for our feathered friends is to simply not buy eggs. It's easy, makes sense and hey ... it doesn't cost anything!

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