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Pig Dogging

Hunting made illegal!

Hunting made illegal!

Posted 19 December 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: hunting, pig dogging, Costa Rica

You may not know where Costa Rica is on the map, but you'll be wishing we had politicians like theirs when you hear the decisions they've been making over there!

A brief timeline of excellent decisions in Costa Rica

1949: Abolishes their army. Becomes the most peaceful country in the region.
2007: Announces plan to become the world's first carbon-neutral country by 2021.
2012: Bans shark finning AND outlaws hunting for sport!

That's it! Sorry Julia and Tony, but I'm voting for a Costa Rican at our next election.

The law "will allow us to live in peace with other living things that share our planet," politician Victor Emilio Granadas said. "I believe this is a message we give to future generations, that an activity like sport hunting is not a sport but a cruelty."

And if you needed any proof of how right Victor is, just watch this report about hunting in Australia. It's a "sport" known as pig dogging , and be warned - it contains disturbing footage.

You can let our politicians know that you want them to follow the Costa Rican example by sending a message with the two actions below.

Call for an end to savage pig dogging

Keep sharks in the oceans and out of soup bowls

Now ... when's the next flight to Costa Rica?

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