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Help Pull Strings to Stop Circus Cruelty!
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Help Pull Strings to Stop Circus Cruelty!

Posted 16 March 2011   by         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: animal circuses, exotic animals, entertainment, posters, petition, activism

Roll up! Roll up! The circus is in town! Come along to stare at the bearded lady, marvel at the amazing acrobats on the highwire, laugh at the clowns and cry when you see the miserable performing monkeys, lions, tigers and bears ... oh my! Stop! The show mustn't go on!


How great is this clever ad by Italian animal rights group, the LAV? Just like a puppet on a string, an animal in a circus is forced to perform whether he wants to or not. And I bet he'd rather not. I mean, who would want to sit in a tiny barren enclosure, only to be let out to perform ridiculously humiliating 'tricks' that he would never do in the wild?

Travelling between towns is no fun for him either - cooped up for days on end in the back of trains or trucks. It's no surprise that many animals kept this way develop worrying habits like pacing, swaying, or biting the cage bars.

We want to see cruel animal circuses go the way of the dinosaurs, and we're starting with New South Wales! Animals Australia, together with Animals Asia and RSPCA NSW want the whole state to get rid of this outdated practice (I refuse to use the word 'entertainment').

If you're in NSW, you can help! Print out this petition and get it chock full of signatures and send it back by May 1st. It's going straight to the top to be tabled in the NSW parliament by the Lord Mayor of Sydney!

Councils like Ku-Ring-Gai and Lismore in NSW and Ipswich and Gold Coast in QLD have already banned circuses with exotic animals so we know it can be done! Once you've done your part, click here to let us know!

Not in NSW? You can still help by taking the pledge to end circus cruelty. Ask your local council to ban animal circuses or write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Animal cruelty is just not entertaining. What would you rather see in a circus?

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This Little Piggy Ran Away

This Little Piggy Ran Away

Posted 15 September 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: pigs, factory farming, posters, Donn Pattendon

Whenever I see footage of animals in factory farms or at the slaughterhouse I can't help but think "Run! Run!". If only...!

In '98 two piglets in the UK, Butch and Sundance, did just that. They escaped from the back of a truck, squeezed through a fence, swam across a river and vanished into a nearby garden. The pair were on the run for a week before they were finally caught. By that time their story was on the international news and the public were so taken by these two escapees that they were rewarded by being given a home in a farm sanctuary.

So what goes through the mind of an escaped pig?

Illustrator extraordinaire, Donn Pattendon asked this question for his most recent artwork, 'Escapee'. If you've taken a stroll through the back catalogue of blogs on Unleashed, then you've probably come across some illustrations by Donn before. He won the People's Choice Award at last year's Illustrators Australia 9x5 Exhibition with a very clever take on battery hens. His entry for this year's 9x5 Exhibition is another great illustration shining the spotlight on factory farming. And the cherry on top, is that Donn has kindly offered to donate 20% on the sale of this artwork to Animals Australia!

If you live in Melbourne and want to check out the exhibition (and vote for Donn's piece for this year's People's Choice Award), then below are details. If you don't live in Melbourne, then you can check out the rest of the exhibition online by clicking here.

Illustrators Australia Annual 9x5 Exhibition
Where: Space 39, Lvl 2, 39 Collins St, Melbourne
Opening night: Friday 17th Sep 6pm, Silent Auction, drinks nibbles and a chance to purchase original illustration on 9x5 wood, prize giveaways for People's Choice Awards. Gallery open for one day only; Saturday 18th Sept 10am-4pm.

Right, so back to the question... What do you think would go through the mind of an animal escaping from a factory farm?

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If Eggs Came From Vending Machines...

If Eggs Came From Vending Machines...

Posted 12 October 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: eggs, chickens, posters, Donn Pattendon

You may remember a couple of months ago I posted an illustration by Donn Pattendon of a dairy cow drinking Australia dry. This last week Donn sent through yet another stellar illustration and I just had to share. This time he's set his sights on battery eggs. And well it really speaks for itself...

Once again, Donn's illustration is spot on. With less than the area of an A4 piece of paper to live in battery hens really are treated like little more than vending machines. You may notice there are even a few dead male chicks swept under the machine.

I can't wait to see what Donn comes up with next!

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Kick-Ass Poster Winners!

Kick-Ass Poster Winners!

Posted 22 September 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: giveaway, posters, merch

After much deliberation, the winners of the new Unleashed poster comp have been decided. With so many awesome entries it was impossible for us to pick just one winner.

So we didn't!

A drum roll please...

Congrats to Georgie for setting a stellar example to other med students and future patients of how to live a healthy and cruelty free life. And a big 'hoorah!' to nAoMi for her kick ass creativity! We admire any (super)hero for the animals who dresses for the occasion :-P Not to mention the fact we think this poster will look hot in your environmental/animal club headquarters.

All of the entries would have made worthy winners. So if you didn't win, you don't need to miss out. Why not reward yourself with a set of all 3 of our shiny new posters from the Unleashed shop.

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Kick-Ass Poster Giveaway!

Kick-Ass Poster Giveaway!

Posted 1 September 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 59 Comments

Tags: giveaway, posters, merch

So, last week, whilst everyone was busy uploading their latest mug shots and attending jumps racing protests, a little milestone happened ... the thousandth member joined Unleashed :-)

Yep — we're now more than 1,000 members strong with recent recruits from every corner of Aus and even a few blow-ins from around the world. With so many new and caring voices for animals we think it's time to celebrate! And to mark the occasion we've created three brand new Unleashed posters (in 42cm x 42cm glory) for your viewing pleasure:

Kick Ass PosterMeat Stinks PosterBe a Lifesaver Poster

If you like what you see you can head on over to the Unleashed Shop and pick up a value-pack of all 3 today. Or, if you've already blown your spending money this week (like I have), then leave a comment below to tell us how you kick ass for the animals and you could score yourself a spankin new 'Kicking Ass' Poster! We'll be judging entries on flair, creativity, and general kick-ass-ness.

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Ipswich Bans Cruel Animal Circuses

Ipswich Bans Cruel Animal Circuses

Posted 2 July 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: exotic animals, animal circuses, bull hooks, posters, entertainment, victory

Some great news came out of Ipswich this week. Ipswich City Council voted to ban exotic animals from being used in circuses on council land. That makes Ipswich the first council in Queensland to take a stand against cruel animal circuses. Woot!

And it's about time! The lives of wild animals in circuses is the pits. They are tormented and abused to instill fear, so they will perform tricks for the audience. (Have you notice that it's a whip not a reward that they use?) Elephant 'trainers' often use a bullhook (a stick with a sharp metal hook on one end) to control or punish elephants. This hook is dug into senstitive parts of their body such as behind their ears, in their mouth or the bottoms of their feet.

When not performing, these animals, who might wander tens, if not hundreds of kilometers in a day in the wild, are confined in tiny barren cages. They spend months on the road carted from town to town, to be brought out on stage to perform in bright, loud tents for onlookers.

So a big hoorah to Ispwich Council for taking a stand against animal cruelty. Here's hoping a few more councils follow suit. If you have a moment, please write to Ipswich to congratulate them on the ban ([email protected]). And you might even like to write to your own local council and encourage them to ban exotic animal circuses too!

While I'm at it, I thought I'd also share these brilliant campaign posters from a collaboration between two portuguese animal advocacy groups, Acção Animal and Liga Portuguesa dos Direitos do Animal. They really sum it up well:

"Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls for the crack of the whip against the animal's stinging wounds. A big round of applause for the flaming hoops, the injuries and the electric shocks. Come and see the famed number of cages and tightly binding chains allowing no escape from endless training sessions. Laugh, applaud and join in with the repetitive choreographed routines typical of depressed animals under great stress. All the fun of the circus travelling from city to city exhibiting animals as human caricatures. Clowning around that's no fun at all. Animal circuses, don't be part of the show."

(If you're keen to check out some other clever NGO campaigns, I found these at:

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Are Cows Drinking Australia Dry?

Are Cows Drinking Australia Dry?

Posted 28 April 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 15 Comments

Tags: global warming, environment, cows, dairy, water, veg, vegan, rant, posters, Donn Pattendon

I think I've just found my new favourite cartoon! This brilliant illustration was sent to us by the insightful and very talented Donn Pattenden (thanks Donn!).

Cows are Drinking Australia Dry

This is one issue that really stirs me up. The meat and dairy industries are huge water guzzlers. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that one glass of milk takes roughly 200 litres of water to produce. That's almost 3 days worth of showers! But that's nothing compared to the 100,000 litres of water that David Pimentel, a water resource specialist, says is required to produce just 1 kilo of beef!

In a country as dry as Australia, this sort of squandering of water just doesn't make sense. I live in Brisbane, where water shortages are a real threat (just like many of our other cities). We've been told to keep our domestic water usage below 140L of water per person per day...

I'm all for water conservation at home. In fact, we've just installed a new rain water tank :-) ... but when 70% of global water usage is for agriculture, it seems like what we eat and drink would be a smart place for us to start looking at how we can save water.

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Giving Chicks a Voice

Giving Chicks a Voice

Posted 15 April 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: Dolly Magazine, Advertising, Darren Cordeux, Kisschasy, Fur, The Veronicas, Chickens, Bands, Posters

If you pick up this month's Dolly magazine, you might spot a glimpse of our all-time-favourite-Kisschasy-frontman-and-hero-for-animals, Darren Cordeux. Yep. He's at it again. This time round, the outspoken rock star is giving chicks a voice in a full page ad, which begs readers to stop to think about the little guys (or, chickens), who all need our help.

Darren Cordeux's Dolly AdAnd boy don't they know it. I mean—how's THIS for a chick magnet!?

There's more to this drop dead gorgeous entertainer than you might think. You can hear what else Daz has to say in his exclusive Unleashed video.

Dolly's double page spread on page 40 also highlights the tragic cruelty of fur. Kudos to Dolly for raising such an important issue in its magazine! Animals on fur farms live lives of sheer misery, only to be drowned, gassed—even skinned alive—for their pelts. No wonder The Veronicas are so pissed about it!

Did you see the feature in this month's Dolly? Tell us what you think!

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Unleashed Hits the Street

Unleashed Hits the Street

Posted 27 March 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: street mag, advertising, unleashed, posters

It's time to hit the streets and pick up a copy of your local street mag, cause we've unleashed a brand spankin' new full page ad in this week's Time Off (Brisbane) and Inpress (Melbourne), not to mention over 100 posters put up in both cities.

Help us help animals – spread the word about Unleashed – grab yourself a mag and show a friend, leave it open on a coffee table, stick it to your wall ...

And if you saw this and thought "Wow! I just have to make that into a poster.", the good news is you can! Get your hands on the original artwork here.

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