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I'm a Radio Star!

I'm a Radio Star!

Posted 17 March 2011   by Karen         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: giveaway, books, Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals, audio, radio

What's better than a radio interview with acclaimed author Jonathan Safran Foer? A radio interview with Jonathan and ME! :) We were both recently guests on the program Uncovering the Real Costs of Factory Farming on Voice America's Social Myth Busting show. Yep, I certainly keep some good company! You can listen to our show here:

With an hour up our sleeves we almost covered it all -- from factory farming and environmental impacts of meat-eating, to crazy nasty diet-related diseases. But it's not all doom and gloom because I was quite vocal about how we can all change this!

If you don't know who JSF is, he's the author of an amazing book, Eating Animals, which is a super eye-opening look at the way we eat. The book gained lots of attention worldwide because it could change your life, like it did for Natalie Portman! Want more proof? Check out how fans of our favourite vegan talkshow queen Ellen DeGeneres reacted after reading Jonathan's book:

I know you're just wishing that we'd put copies of Eating Animals under YOUR seat... Sorry! But we have done the next best thing. You can grab a copy of Eating Animals right now in the Unleashed shop or ... you can win a copy if you head over here to our big sister site Animals Australia and tell us what you'll do this year to help end factory farming.

Oh and you should tell me here too, so I can pass it on to my new BFF, JSF!

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YOU DID IT! Nova pulls cruel animal stunt!

YOU DID IT! Nova pulls cruel animal stunt!

Posted 15 March 2011   by Karen         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: entertainment, scorpion, radio, victory

...why the happy dance? I'll tell you why! Thanks to a flood of messages from Animals Australia and Unleashed supporters who know animal cruelty when they see it, Nova FM Sydney has agreed to abandon a week-long stunt involving animals who would be brought into the studio to bite or sting show host Merrick Watts!

A video posted on the radio program's website yesterday showed an agitated rainforest scorpion provided by Sydney Wildlife World being poked, prodded, screamed at and dropped onto the studio floor -- all in the name of 'entertainment'!

We are pleased that on this occasion Nova FM has listened to public concern and has since reconsidered the this ill-conceived stunt. Nova today informed Animals Australia not only that plans to torment animals on air for the remainder of the week have been shelved, but also that pictures and video of the cruel stunt will be removed from their website. What a relief!!

All animals deserve to be treated with kindness, whether they're fluffy, scaly, or even scary.

Please send a brief message to Nova FM either on their Facebook page, or via Twitter to thank them for their decisive action!

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Little Lucy Is Back!

Little Lucy Is Back!

Posted 1 December 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: lucy speaks, advertising, radio, factory farming, pigs, Christmas

Have you heard this yet?

This hard hitting radio campaign first hit airwaves 2 years ago and stirred up quite a response! Now, Lucy's back and urging shoppers to spread the Christmas spirit and help free animals from factory farms.

Most of us look forward to Christmas as a time to see family, give (and receive!) presents, and relax. But pigs, chickens and turkeys have little to look forward to at this time of year. The demand for ham, turkey and chicken at Christmas-time, makes the holiday season the peak time of year for animal suffering in Australia. Inside factory farms preparation for Christmas has begun, and that means even more families pulled apart, with piglets taken from their mothers, fattened up and killed; and even more chickens packed into sheds by the thousands and left to marinate in their own waste for their short and miserable 42 days of life. Animals in factory farms don't receive even the simplest gift of kindness, and in their unnatural cramped environment will likely never know what it is to relax.

But enough with the doom and gloom, 'cause all of that can change. All it takes for Christmas to be a peaceful time of year for all is for people to take pigs (and our feathered friends) off their plates and celebrate the festive season with a cruelty-free feast instead. And with any luck, many people who hear Lucy's plea for help will do just that!

They say pigs wag their tails when they're happy. So please give Lucy something to wag her tail about and share Lucy's message far and wide (time to pull up Facebook and start posting ). Post this link to Facebook to share Lucy's message with all your friends:

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Have You Heard Our New Radio Ad?

Have You Heard Our New Radio Ad?

Posted 10 February 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: advertising, radio, factory farming, pigs, chickens

Most of us grew up with songs and stories of idyllic farms where all the animals lived happy lives together. It's no wonder most people just assume that the pig on their plate or the chicken who laid the egg they're scrambling lived a happy life and was cared for before she died. But as you know, that's not how the story goes... and Animals Australia's new radio ad campaign is out to burst that bubble. So have a listen here.

We couldn't have been more thrilled with the impact of our recent TV ad campaign - Woolworths reported that sales of pig products dropped following the campaign. Finally people are realising that mother pigs in factory farms aren't 'cared for' - they're locked in barren crates where they can't turn around for months at a stretch. You could even call them battery pigs :-(

Please share this new ad campaign with all your friends. For the animals!

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Who's Scared of a Little Girl?

Who's Scared of a Little Girl?

Posted 3 August 2008   by Karen         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: lucy speaks, advertising, radio, pigs

It's the voice of a little girl that has been holding a nation of radio listeners to attention over the past month. Thanks to Animals Australia's brilliant "Lucy Speaks" campaign, people all over the country are awakening to the awful truth about where over 90% of Australia's pork, bacon and ham comes from.

This has the Australian Pork Industry running scared. So scared, that their top exec's have called an emergency meeting in Canberra to draft a "media battle plan" to combat the campaign.

It would seem the truth hurts, APL. It hurts even more when the Sunday Age publishes a story about the success of the "Lucy Speaks" campaign on their FRONT PAGE!

While the pork industry is likely to recruit expensive media experts and spend buckets of money trying to convince the public that they 'care' about the millions of pigs they lock up in factory farms and surgically mutilate without pain relief every year, we have a much simpler solution: follow the lead of countries like Britain, Sweden and Switzerland, and stop confining intelligent animals in cages so small they can't even turn around. I mean—if the Pom's can do it—how hard can it be?

If you haven't yet heard the chilling radio ads that Animals Australia is still airing around the country (thanks to generous public donations that are still flooding in in support of keeping the campaign on air), click here to listen.

Go Lucy!

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