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SeaWorld US will never breed orcas again!

SeaWorld US will never breed orcas again!

Posted 18 March 2016   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: SeaWorld, orcas, marine parks

SeaWorld US has announced that it will stop breeding orcas as of right now, saying that "times have changed"!

It's a great day for animals and for people power! Thanks to the tireless campaigning of animal protection groups around the world, continued public pressure and dropping attendance rates, SeaWorld US has announced that this generation of captive orcas will be its last.

"The company will end all orca breeding as of today."
-- SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Inc.


Since the Blackfish documentary showed the world the sad story of Tilikum, a male orca at SeaWorld US, there has been a noticeable change in the public's perception of orcas in captivity. Orcas like Tilikum are highly intelligent and have needs that simply cannot be met in captivity. In the wild they form strong familial bonds and can travel hundreds of kilometres in a single day. A life in a tank, performing for visitors is no life at all -- and thankfully no more orcas will be born into this at SeaWorld US!

This incredible news shows what can be achieved when people make a choice based on their values. Caring individuals demanded more for orcas, and SeaWorld US has responded. There is no doubt that orcas suffer in captivity but they aren't the only ones. Whilst we don't have any captive orcas here in Australia, a tank is not a natural environment for a dolphin, seal, shark or penguin either. Find out what you need to know about marine parks and aquariums before planning your next trip.


Here's to a day when all orcas get to be like this:

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Toy company stops making orca toy. Makes sweetest ad to show why ...

Toy company stops making orca toy. Makes sweetest ad to show why ...

Posted 16 November 2015   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: Munchkin, orcas, marine parks, SeaWorld, video, ad, good news

Munchkin have stopped making their popular orca bath toy. Why? "Because a bathtub isn't big enough for an orca."

YESSS Munchkin. Watch this heart-warming ad they made which shows the relationship children should have with animals ...



If, like the kid in this video, you know that the only place for an orca is in the ocean, join over a thousand others on Unleashed who've pledged to never visit a place that keeps orcas or other marine animals in captivity.


Wondering what's wrong with marine parks and aquariums? Here's 5 reasons animals don't belong in tanks.

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5 animal-friendly career paths for ex-SeaWorld trainer Barbie

5 animal-friendly career paths for ex-SeaWorld trainer Barbie

Posted 28 April 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: SeaWorld, Barbie, marine parks

SeaWorld trainer Barbie is out of a job. Mattel has decided they will no longer produce the SeaWorld trainer Barbie range. Growing public awareness that a tank is no place to keep an orca has seen a drop in SeaWorld's popularity and this news would suggest that Barbie has decided she too no longer wants to be associated with SeaWorld cruelty. You go Babs.

Sadly however, this means Barbie is out of a job! So I've taken it upon myself to come up with some opportunities for Barbie to consider where she can make a positive difference for animals :)

Marine biologist Barbie
Because working with FREE whales is heaps cooler.

Animal shelter-hand Barbie
Local shelters are always in need of an extra hand. And the countless cats and dogs that find themselves there are always in need of a little extra love.

Vegan cupcake chef Barbie
Delicious and cruelty-free. Foster kitty sous chef optional ;)

Minister for Animal Welfare Barbie
A professional voice for animals topped with stylish business bob.

Animal sanctuary volunteer Barbie
Probs wouldn't wear that dress to pick up elephant poo but that's Barbie I suppose.

Wherever Barbie's future takes her, I hope she finds happiness in a career that doesn't involve exploiting animals. If any of Barbie's animal-friendly jobs appealed to you, perhaps a career in animal protection is up your alley :) You might like to check out to discover the range of opportunities available. (We post job opportunities here at Animals Australia on there too.) Alternatively, volunteering is always a good way to get started in animal protection so try seekvolunteer or get in touch with animal groups or shelters in your area.

P.S. Want to know more about why SeaWorld is no place for a marine animal? Click here.

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5 reasons animals don't belong in tanks

5 reasons animals don't belong in tanks

Posted 27 June 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: marine parks, SeaWorld, dolphins, orcas, seals, sharks, entertainment

I'll admit, sometimes it's hard to tell if a shark is happy or sad. (Well, except for Bruce.) But I can tell you, that a tank is not nearly as much fun as the ocean for any marine animal. Here's 5 reasons to avoid marine parks and aquariums:

1. Because sad seals sucks.


2. Because if we love them we should leave them alone.


[Read enough? Make the pledge to never attend a marine park or aquarium now.]

3. Because it's just not natural.


4. Because orcas don't deserve to have their babies taken away from them.


5. Because by simply not attending a marine park or aquarium you can help end this cruelty!


These places only exist to "entertain" us. So if we don't go, they can't continue to exist. What's more, it's way cooler to interact with marine animals in their natural habitat. Check out these lucky tourists hanging out with a mother and baby whale :)

Do you know another reason not to attend a marine park or aquarium? Pop it in the comments below.

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STA Travel says NO to cruel animal attractions

STA Travel says NO to cruel animal attractions

Posted 23 May 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: STA Travel, tourism, exotic animals, good news, elephants, tigers, orcas, SeaWorld

Great news for animals :) STA Travel has stopped booking tours that include THIS;

520-chained tiger.jpg





Yep! STA, a major international travel agent for students and young people, has ditched any tours that go to Tiger Temple, SeaWorld (US) or which include elephant rides. Why? Because animals should be like this;

520-tiger and cub.jpg


520-elephant herd.jpg

and this:


Big cats, elephants and orcas have all been known to suffer when kept in captivity and denied a natural environment. An investigation into Tiger Temple revealed that tigers were kept in small cages for 20 hours a day with practically nothing to do. These crappy living conditions meant that many of the tigers suffered severe behavioural problems such as pacing back and forth and chewing their own paws :(

The life of an elephant kept for tourist rides is just as cruel. Elephants in the wild may walk over 40km a day and will form life-long bonds. But captive elephants will be chained for many hours a day and often deprived of social contact with other elephants.

And as for SeaWorld in the US, well imagine living your entire life in a bathtub and you might get an idea of what it's like for an orca in captivity. (I think Jason Biggs expresses his thoughts about this better than I could.) So it probably won't come as a surprise to hear that animals in marine parks can suffer from stress and depression living in captivity. Just recently SeaWorld in Orlando was busted giving anti-anxiety drugs to whales.

Sooooooo... a HUGE high-five to STA Travel for taking a stand for animals and refusing to take part in this cruelty any longer :) This will make a WORLD of difference for animals. You can let STA Travel know how awesome you think they are for leading the way in ethical tourism by leaving a message on their Facebook page.


Earlier this year, Intrepid Travel also took a stance for animals by taking elephant rides off their travel itinerary :) Want to see other travel companies getting on board the responsible tourism for animals train? Click here to get in touch with Flight Centre today and ask them to cut cruelty from their travel itinerary too!


And if you're an animal lover like me you might be wondering how you can get up close and personal with animals without having to take their freedoms away. Click here for 5 ways to interact with animals without cages. Or leave a suggestion of your own in the comments :)

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SeaWorld caught drugging whales

SeaWorld caught drugging whales

Posted 6 April 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: SeaWorld, orcas, Blackfish

A drug scandal and a massive drop in popularity. Sounds like an episode of E!News right? Rather, it's the latest reports to come out about SeaWorld (in the US).

Leaked documents reveal that SeaWorld trainers give psychoactive drugs to some of their marine animals. The drug – benzodiazepine – is the same stuff used in common human medications Valium and Xanax – to treat anxiety. I don't know about you, but I'm not surprised that animals at SeaWorld might be suffering from mental health issues. I'd be pretty miserable if I had to live my whole life in a bath tub. Keeping highly social and active animals like orcas in small tanks is just cruel.

But on a positive note, looks like people might be having second thoughts about visiting marine parks. SeaWorld has reported a 13% drop in attendance for the first three months of 2014 – almost half a million less people than during the same period in 2013.

And keeping the good news keeps rolling, a CNN poll found that 86% of people said that they wouldn't go to SeaWorld after learning about the cruelty of keeping whales in captivity. The story of Tilikum, a captive orca living at SeaWorld in Orlando, has touched countless people through the documentary 'Blackfish'. Although SeaWorld denies that the documentary is having any impact, the recent drop in visitors tells a different story.

You can make a difference for animals in marine parks simply by not attending them. Besides, there are plenty of ways to get close to animals without having to lock them up for their whole lives. Click here to watch an amazing encounter with a mother and baby whale in their natural habitat.

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WIN 2 tix to see Blackfish!

WIN 2 tix to see Blackfish!

Posted 7 November 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 42 Comments

Tags: whales, orcas, SeaWorld, entertainment, Blackfish, win, competition, contest, giveaway

OMG. I saw Blackfish during the Melbourne International Film Festival and when Madman Films offered us some free tix to giveaway we jumped at the offer. Blackfish is a doco about a performing killer whale named Tilikum who lives in captivity in SeaWorld, Orlando. It is sooooo ... well it’s very sad but also GREAT that Tilikum’s story is being told. Check out the trailer here:

This movie is already having a massive impact in the U.S. A poll by CNN found that 86% of people said they wouldn’t go to SeaWorld after learning about the cruelty of keeping killer whales in captivity. Orcas are highly social and active animals and keeping them in small tanks (in Tilikum’s case) in isolation is unacceptable.

Loads of celebrities are also speaking out against marine parks including Ellen Page, Leona Lewis and Russell Brand. Blackfish also inspired Pixar to change the ending of Finding Dory (to be released next year)!

It’s so exciting that this film is coming to cinemas on November 21, so that Tilikum’s story can continue to reach people. And what’s even more exciting is that YOU get the chance to see it for FREE!*

There's 10 freebie tix all up so we’ll be giving 2 tickets to 1 winner from each of the following states/territories – NSW, QLD, SA, ACT and Vic. (Sorry if you live in WA, NT or Tas but no cinemas are showing Blackfish as yet :( Why not get in touch with your local cinema and let them know that you’d love them to screen it?)


SO, here’s how to win: Comment below with the coolest fact you know about killer whales. The ones that make my eyes pop out the most will be the winners :) The competition closes on Sunday 17th November so DON’T MISS OUT!

*The movie is only screening in 5 states/territories so please check the full list of venues below to make sure there’s one near you before entering the comp.


ACT Dendy Canberra
NSW Chauvel Cinema
  Dendy Newtown
QLD Gold Coast Arts Centre
  Palace Barracks
SA Palace Nova Eastend
VIC Cinema Nova

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to the lucky winners of our Blackfish ticket giveaway! 

Have you seen the film? What did you think

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When Dory met Tilly.

When Dory met Tilly.

Posted 15 August 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: whales, orcas, SeaWorld, entertainment, Blackfish, Finding Dory, circuses

Last week I went to see the movie Blackfish. It’s a documentary about Tilikum, a whale who has been living in captivity in ‘amusement’ parks since he was 2 years old. If you missed it, here’s the trailer:

Needless to say, I cried and cried and wailed and snorted and hollered “Free Tilly” at the screen.

Orca whales are highly social animals, who swim many many kilometres per day. Yet, poor Tilikum is still living in a tiny tank in SeaWorld, Orlando. And he’s kept in isolation most of the time :(

Thankfully, I am not the only one who has been moved by this incredible documentary and there is hope for whales (and other captive animals) yet!

When the Pixar team saw Blackfish, they realised that captivity is not such a happy ending for animals. They sat down with Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite and made some drastic edits to the script of Finding Dory (the sequel to Finding Nemo, due to be released in 2015). Although little is known of the story line as yet, Pixar has said that while characters do travel to a marine park, they will have the option to go back to the ocean if they choose.


It’s not quite that simple in real life unfortunately BUT it is possible. Remember Free Willy? Willy was played by Keiko, and the movie had such an impact on the public that campaigning led to Keiko being moved to a sea-pen in Iceland waters where he eventually migrated to Norway. Although he was still cared for by professionals, he lived out the remainder of his life with a great deal of freedom.

Animal welfare groups in the U.S. are campaigning to get Tilikum released to a sea-pen and rehabilitated, just like Keiko. (You can add your name to the petition here).

But the best way that you can make a difference is by simply never visiting a marine park that makes animals perform. Just like rodeos and circuses that have animals, using animals for entertainment is unnecessary, and rarely provides animals with an environment that allows them to express their natural behaviours.

Despite the tears, it makes me so happy to see movies like Blackfish being made, exposing the significant problems with keeping wild animals in captivity. Have you seen any good animal documentaries lately? I’d love to hear about them.

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What's the difference between Michael Phelps and a dolphin...?

What's the difference between Michael Phelps and a dolphin...?

Posted 15 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: dolphins, orcas, Seaworld, cetaceans, entertainment

... one of them actually enjoys being in a pool.

With the Olympics done and dusted for another four years (good job, London) I was interested to read this story about half-man, half-fish Michael Phelps.

Yeah, ok - it's not a real story, but it's a pretty funny read. What isn't so funny is the fact that around the world, 1000s of whales and dolphins ("cetaceans" if you wanna impress your friends) are captured from the wild and delivered to oceanariums. There they'll live out their days in tiny tanks, sometimes being trained to perform tricks for human entertainment.

Everyone knows dolphins are amongst the smartest animals on Earth. They play with each other and body-surf at the beach; they've been observed wrapping their "noses" in sponge when searching for food to prevent grazes (c'mon, we've all been there!); and this is what blows me away: dolphins in a pod will stay with sick or injured friends, even pushing them up to the surface to breathe if they can't do it themselves!!

Locking cetaceans into tanks at SeaWorlds around the globe is pretty much like giving them a life sentence in prison. Just think of how huge the oceans are, and how far dolphins and whales would swim in a day. Imagine all the things they'd see and experience in a lifetime! Now think of how desperately bored and cooped up they must feel spending day and night in tanks not even a fraction the size of their natural habitat. Sucks, doesn't it?

As long as dolphins and whales are kept locked up in tanks for human entertainment and their best interests aren't taken into account, we're going to keep seeing stories like the one where two dolphins died after a rave was allowed right next to their pool. (Whaaat?!) Or despite the fact that there has not been a single recorded instance of a wild orca ever seriously injuring or killing a human, a captive orca in the US has now killed three people in separate incidents. There is also the sad story of Kuru the dolphin who jumped out of her tank during a show.

Like rodeos and circuses that still use animals, the easiest way you can make a difference is simply to not visit marine parks that feature animal performances.

There must be a hundred different ways you can see and interact with animals that aren't harmful. Volunteer at a native wildlife rescue and rehab centre or animal refuge. How about snorkelling or scuba diving? You're not going to see a man standing on a dolphins back ... but really, who would wanna see that anyway??

Got any stories of seeing dolphins or whales in the wild? We'd love to hear them in the comments.

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