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A WIN for cats and dogs :)

A WIN for cats and dogs :)

Posted 3 December 2014   by Nelliepotatoes         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: puppy factories, companion animals, adopt, election, politics, Victoria, pet shops, dogs, cats, Nellie

Normally when there's talk about politics I'm all like:


But I heard some news that made me go like:


Last weekend was the state election in Victoria. And the new Labor government has promised that they will make sure that NO cats and dogs are sold in pet shops UNLESS they're from an animal rescue group :) 


So not only will more animals like me get a second chance and a comfy bed and walks and cuddles, but it means that people can be sure that their new friend doesn't come from a horrible puppy factory. (Yup, it's true. Most pet shop puppies come from puppy factories :( See for yourself.)

I reckon this should be the rule in ALL Australia don't you? Maybe you could write to your local politics person and ask them to do the same in your state. I would but ... I'm a dog.

The best news is you don't have to wait for any rules to be changed to be a friend to dogs and cats and help stop puppy factories. By pledging to always adopt, rather than buying from a pet shop, you will be a hero for someone just like me :)


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VIC: Make your vote count for animals.

VIC: Make your vote count for animals.

Posted 26 November 2014   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: politics, election, Victoria

If you're a Victorian, and have turned 18, you'll be rocking up to the voting booths at some point this Saturday. I know you care about animals and want them to be heard in Government. So we've put together a handy guide which shows which parties have which policies for animals. (Phew. That was a lot of whiches.)


Sorry. Tangent. Back to politics.

Click here for the lowdown on where parties in the
Victorian election stand on animal welfare.

If you're not yet old enough to vote, no probs. There are 4 animal issues that are in the political spotlight at the moment and your voice can make a huge difference. I've listed the issues and how you can take action below :)

Thanks for being a voice for animals!

Puppy factories
Discover the truth about where pet shop puppies come from ...
Make the pledge to always adopt rather than buy companion animals

Duck shooting
Ask the SA, Tas, Vic and NT Governments to ban duck shooting

Jumps racing
Urge SA and Vic to ban cruel jumps racing
Pledge to never bet on racing while horses die

Factory farming
Ask Hungry Jacks to join Macca's and Subway and ditch cage eggs
Pledge to save animals every day by taking them off your plate

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2 More Horses Die In Jumps Racing

2 More Horses Die In Jumps Racing

Posted 7 April 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: jumps racing, horse racing, horses, Victoria, South Australia, entertainment, take action, rant

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but another 2 horses were killed in a jumps race over the Easter break - this time in SA. And what was the Racing Minister's response? "Although it's extremely disappointing that we've had the loss that we've had, it doesn't mean that jumps racing should be banned as a result of one incident."

Gah! I don't even know where to begin...

But wait, I suppose he's got a point. We shouldn't just take this one incident into consideration when deciding the fate of jumps racing. We should probably also consider the fact that 11 horses died in jumps races across Victoria and South Australia last year.

Surely they should have worked it out by now: horse + jumps racing = bad idea. Is this so hard to get? You'd think the body count on the track would give it away. They've tried raising the jumps, lowering the jumps, hardening the jumps, softening the jumps. And still horses fall and die. So why not try banning the jumps? Something tells me that might work!

If you're as sick of seeing horses die for the sake of entertainment as I am, then please click here to send the Ministers for Racing in Vic and SA a letter to tell them to ban this cruel sport.

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Jumps Racing Put Down in Victoria!

Jumps Racing Put Down in Victoria!

Posted 27 November 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 21 Comments

Tags: jumps racing, Victoria, Victory, horse racing, horses, Coalition for the Protection of Race Horses, activism, demonstration, entertainment, South Aust

Today marks the end of an 'era' in horse racing. Or should I say an error! Yes, definitely an error - forcing horses to jump over hurdles at full speed was always a bad idea. But the good news this morning is that Racing Victoria has announced they will cease to run jumps races at the end of the 2010 season! *sigh of relief*

This decision will spare horses the miserable fate of broken legs, broken necks, and other injuries from falls during jumps races. So after a brilliant campaign by the Coalition for the Protection of Race Horses, the racing industry has finally faced up to the fact that jumps racing is cruel (not that an industry that kills thousands of horses every year just for being too slow has much to be proud of!).

Hats off to the Coalition; hats off to all those who attended demonstrations; and hats off to you, if you're one of the nearly 8000 Animals Australia and Unleashed supporters who sent letters calling for an end to jumps racing!

If you've got a moment today, you might want to send Racing Victoria an email ([email protected]) congratulating them for getting rid of cruel jumps races. For Victoria to end jumps racing is a huge milestone! They were the largest of only 2 Aussie states that still permitted this cruel 'sport'. And so onward and upward! Now it's time for South Australia to step up and ditch jumps racing!

You might also like to let the Racing Minister for SA, Michael Wright ([email protected]), know that they're letting down the team and should ban jumps racing too!

And if you live in Adelaide, next Tuesday (1st December) is your chance to join a demonstration to put the heat on SA to end jumps racing! There will be a peaceful protest happening on the steps of Parliament House to coincide with the submission of a petition, signed by 4,000 SA residents, calling for an end to jumps racing. Here are the details:

Where: Steps of Parliament House North Terrace Adelaide
When: Tuesday December 1 from 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Wear: Smart/casual (preferably black/dark colour)

Hope you can make it along!

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Victoria is Nice to Mice
Posted By Ward

Victoria is Nice to Mice

Posted 18 December 2008   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: glue traps, victoria, law, mice

Following similar bans in ACT and Tasmania, Victoria has done something great for animals too by changing cruelty laws to ban the use of glue traps by farmers and individuals, taking many mice out of some very sticky situations! Unfortunately, they can still be used commercially by ‘pest control’ companies (ie. peeps who kill animals on a large scale!) until the end of 2009, but with a bit of luck (and public pressure) it will also be banned commercially, and we will be one step closer to being nice to mice :)

Dead mouse that suffered in a glue trapGlue traps are one of the most inhumane traps around! They are made of a board with extremely sticky glue that traps animals and leaves them stuck for days until they slowly dehydrate or die of starvation! The injuries and distress of these traps is extreme, with some mice breaking limbs, pulling out patches of fur and skin, and suffocating as the glue covers their face. The Department of Primary Industries identified glue traps as “one of the most inhumane methods of rodent control.” To make it worse, it’s not just mice – many domestic and wild animals such as cats and birds are also caught in these contraptions.

But it’s not just mice who have got the thumbs up in Victoria, the new regulations also:

- ban the use of twisted bits on horses.
- ban the transportation of dogs and farm animals in the boot of a car.
- restrict the use of some electric shock devices on animals.

If you have a little mouse problem at home, there is a way to stop them eating your food without hurting them. You can build humane mousetraps or purchase them online or at most hardware stores. These alternatives will spare the lives of our little furry friends, and then you can release them back into the woods away from your home, and everyone lives happily ever after - literally.

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