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Give Horses a Break

Give Horses a Break

Posted 11 September 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 20 Comments

Tags: horse racing, horses, whips, entertainment, rant

Jockeys are up in (short, little) arms at the moment because they are not alowed to whip their horses as often as they want to. Yep — yesterday jockeys in VIC, NSW, QLD and WA walked off the job in protest of new rules that came in last month that restricted the number of times they can whip horses during races.

If you watch the sky news video, you'll see the Australian Jockeys Association complain that it's "unreasonable" to "burden" jockeys with having to count how many times they've hit their horses.

Uhmm ... Unreasonable!?

'Unreasonable' is what you call the standard practice of killing a horse who falls and breaks his leg on track because he is no longer considered 'profitable'.

'Unreasonable' is sending 20,000 horses to knackeries every year to be slaughtered. Their crime? They weren't fast enough :-(

'Unreasonable' is that studies show that race horses often suffer deep, bleeding gastric ulcers when forced to eat a concentrated and unnatural 'race' diet, and that one study showed that 90% of horses have blood in their lungs from over exertion.

'Unreasonable' is leaving a horse to spend up to 22 hours a day isolated in a stall, deprived of social contact and mental stimulation.

'Unreasonable' is allowing jockeys to whip horses at all, when whipping an animal off a racetrack would be illegal! (Do they think it hurts less, if they're in a race...?)

'Unreasonable' is a jumps racing trainer threatening to send his decapitated horse's head to the racing minister if the brutal sport was banned!

'Unreasonable' is expecting anyone to believe that horse racing is anything but a brutal and cut-throat industry... (warning: contains some graphic scenes).

Perhaps we can hope that those angry jockeys stay on strike ... it might be the quickest way to give these horses the break they deserve!

So whilst the jockeys are doing their bit, here are two quick ways you can help horses today:

  • Vote "Hell No!" in's poll asking 'Should jockeys be allowed to whip more than three times in a row in the last 200m?'
  • Share this video with any race-going friends to show them the hidden reality behind the glamourous face of horse racing, and ask them not to bet on cruelty!

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