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World Cat Day

Let's celebrate cats! And gifs! And cat gifs!

Let's celebrate cats! And gifs! And cat gifs!

Posted 8 August 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 14 Comments

Tags: cats, adopt, pet overpopulation, World Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day! We owe a lot to cats. Did you know that if it weren't for cats, the internet would be filled with nothing but library catalogues and ads for suspicious medications?

To celebrate cats, (and the divine internet), I've collected my favourite cat gifs OF ALL TIME (i.e. that I've seen so far). And they just so happen to show all the reasons I respect and admire cats:

Cats always get what they want:


They secretly love dogs:


They can twerk:


Cats aren't afraid of anything:


(except bananas):


(and balloons):


(ok, they're afraid of EVERYTHING):


They are amazing gymnasts:


They think with their heads:


They know how to chill:


And lastly, because LOOK AT THAT FACE:


Want to do your bit for cats this World Cat Day? The best thing you can do for cats is promise to always adopt rather than buying from a pet store or breeder. Why? Because despite how clearly smart and ridiculously adorable they are, thousands of cats are surrendered to shelters every year, and many of them will end up being put down. In fact, 23 cats and dogs are killed every hour. You can help prevent this by clicking here and making the pledge to always adopt.

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