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At some point it just hits you—why should you have to accept the deaths of billions of abused animals for the sake of an unnecessary, unhealthy and unsustainable meat industry? Why should rabbits be forced to endure the excruciating pain of having chemicals dripped into their eyes for the sake of cosmetics!? If you’re fed up with putting up with cruelty, you’re not alone!

The Unleashed Community is a bunch of people just like you, networking, sharing, and working together to create a world where animals are not just ugly leather coats, or fatty, artery-clogging hamburgers. Together we really can change the world!

It starts here.

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Simpsons guy helps save Benjy the gay bull :) HAPPY NEWS! Sam Simon, Simpsons co-creator, helps save Benjy the gay bull from slaughter. Be a hero for ducks -- help end duck shooting! Can you believe that it's still legal to shoot ducks for 'fun' in some Australian states? Speak out today to help put a stop to duck s... Horse racing pledge shortcut Make the pledge to never bet on cruelty. Every year, thousands of race-horses are routinely sold and killed as pet meat because they just aren't fast enough to win races. That is th... Whips hurt! Here's proof ... Beating an animal with a whip is cruelty! No doubt about it. Unless you're a jockey, and the animal is a horse. Help ban whips! Whips hurt! (here's proof) Beating an animal with a whip is a clear cut case of animal cruelty -- unless you are a jockey, and the animal is a horse. Help us ban whips -- take actio... 5 ways to celebrate Hat Day (aka NOT Melb Cup) Hats are cool. Cruelty is not. So here's 5 ways to celebrate Nov 4 minus the cruelty of horse racing. 1 in 5 young adults in Britain are living meat-free :) Latest stats out of the UK say 1 in 5 peeps aged 16-24 have taken animals off their plate. Yewww! Here's what you need to know about live export right now ... The Eid is over. What is it? Why does cruelty to animals occur? How are we going to end live export cruelty for good? Wh... QUIZ: How kind are you to animals? How do you rank when it comes to being kind to animals every single day? Take the quiz and find out!