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Hot off the press: recent news about animal issues. If it's in the news and you think others should know, then post it here.

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november 3 - Laika's Day Last post by robert99, 4 Nov 2017, in Newsworthy 1289 3
“We love the animals, and that’s why we hunt them” WTF?!! Last post by jennie, 25 Oct 2017, in Newsworthy 975 1
'Bold' conservation move to halt the decline of albatross Last post by robert99, 9 Oct 2017, in Newsworthy 901 0
NSW coalmine polluting Sydney’s drinking water is approved by gov ‘vital for energy security and affordability’ Last post by robert99, 9 Oct 2017, in Newsworthy 875 0
humane slaughtering ? Sacred Slaughter? Last post by robert99, 7 Oct 2017, in Newsworthy 913 1
Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! Morgan Spurlock's new film on the chicken industry Last post by robert99, 30 Sep 2017, in Newsworthy 1525 1
Truth about farmed salmon After terrible lives many fish face gruesome deaths. Last post by robert99, 30 Sep 2017, in Newsworthy 884 0
Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) Last post by robert99, 17 Sep 2017, in Newsworthy 930 0
California law - pet stores to sell only rescue and shelter animals law that will ban the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits. Last post by robert99, 16 Sep 2017, in Newsworthy 886 0
CCTV in all slaughterhouses in England Great viewing for kids of all ages! Last post by robert99, 12 Sep 2017, in Newsworthy 720 0
Egg scandal in Holland and EU Dog anti-flea poison (fipronil) found in eggs Last post by robert99, 6 Sep 2017, in Newsworthy 1221 4
Elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania Wayne Lotter co-founder of the PAMS Foundation Last post by robert99, 21 Aug 2017, in Newsworthy 801 0
Pet food's effects on the environment Last post by robert99, 16 Aug 2017, in Newsworthy 745 0
Enviro group targeted by right-wing operatives using fake identities League of Conservation Voters in California attacked Last post by robert99, 10 Aug 2017, in Newsworthy 769 0
US lawmakers target horse meat trade "slaughtering horses for food has no place in the United States" Last post by robert99, 6 Aug 2017, in Newsworthy 691 0
Vietnam pledges to rescue 1,000 bears bid to end bile trade Last post by Dani_Girl, 22 Jul 2017, in Newsworthy 742 1
Pesticides damage survival of bee colonies insecticides harm both honeybees and wild bees Last post by robert99, 30 Jun 2017, in Newsworthy 832 0
the greyhound export racket Ringleaders found guilty of 464 charges Last post by robert99, 4 Jun 2017, in Newsworthy 952 0
new Beauty without Cruelty newsletter latest tips news etc from South Africa Last post by robert99, 1 Jun 2017, in Newsworthy 1313 0
Tanzania move to halt mining in Selous Game Reserve Selous listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site Last post by robert99, 25 May 2017, in Newsworthy 897 0
Adani pressures Queensland government by putting investment decision on ice Adani has postponed a final investment decision Last post by robert99, 24 May 2017, in Newsworthy 766 1
7 per cent of voters want the government to invest in Adani mine 33 per cent believe renewable energy projects should be NAIF's top priority Last post by robert99, 22 May 2017, in Newsworthy 749 0
Yulin in China to ban sale of dog meat activists hails compassion of ‘the younger generation in Yulin and in China’ Last post by robert99, 18 May 2017, in Newsworthy 732 0
Australian oil well leaked but spill kept secret a 10,500-litre spill in April 2016 Last post by robert99, 18 May 2017, in Newsworthy 714 0
Concerns raised over Adani's mine Mine rehabilitation plans fall far short of best practice Last post by robert99, 15 May 2017, in Newsworthy 703 0
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