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Momo Momo NSW Posts: 10
1 14 Sep 2014
How many of you are vegetarian and could you have recommend some vegetarian meals

Monneak Monneak NSW Posts: 17
2 17 Sep 2014
I'm newly vegetarian (3 weeks) and I find its easier to replace meat in recipes instead of finding new ones. For example in beef curries I replace the meat with sweet potato and in stir fry I do marinated mushrooms instead of chicken.

I hope this helps you somewhat, I've bought 3 vegetarian cook books so far but only like one or two recipes in each but I could have just been unlucky in my purchases happy

Elise4 Elise4 SA Posts: 40
3 19 Sep 2014
I'd probably say the majority here are vegan or vegetarian!
A great quick and simple veg meal I like to make is lentil tacos. I fry onion, and then add lentils, other beans and corn and taco flavour mixture to the frypan. Put it in a wrap, add the usual sauces and salads you like and you're done happy
Even meat eaters in the family enjoy these!!

Momo Momo NSW Posts: 10
4 28 Sep 2014
Thank you for your suggestion

Natalie C Natalie C NSW Posts: 16
5 8 Oct 2014
stir frys, or pasta with your favourite vegetables are pretty good.I would recommend experimenting.I tend to put mushrooms in everything.Homemade mushroom lasagna is nice if you are vegetarian not vegan.Mushroom and celery rice with soy sauce is good.Mushroom and capcicum or broccoli tomato pasta.Felafels are yummy. Again if you're not vegan homemade white sauce with vegetables,especially fresh spinach and potatos.I have a good recipe for an onion based salad dressing that goes great with lentils,beans,avocados and salad.If you're interested in any of these recipes in detail let me know and I'll post it.

reddapanda reddapanda ACT Posts: 381
6 9 Oct 2014
There are so many links I could paste here, but here are a few to start with: