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what are the best vegetarian meals?

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Jorja Jorja NSW Posts: 10
1 5 Nov 2014
Im finally vegetarian, im so happy i chose to become vegetarian.

But I need some help on some fabulous vegetaran meals, that are really easy to make!

Please would love some feedback!

♥ Thanks♥

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Elise4 Elise4 SA Posts: 40
2 7 Nov 2014
You can use lentils in like, everything! I like to use them in tacos instead of meat, they work perfectly happy.

Also in the freezer section at your supermarket, you should be able to find a brand called 'Fry's' in green packaging. They have some pretty good stuff happy

Try making some burritos with refried beans and other beans too, they are sooo frealing delicious! Lol

Lausie Lausie WA Posts: 29
3 8 Nov 2014
Wow! Congratulations on going vegetarian! It's really easy to create healthy and hearty veg meals. I actually stick to pretty similar stuff but here are a few ideas:

Napolitana Spaghetti or any pasta - so nice with some fresh basil on top!

Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and chilli flakes - really yummy!

Lasagne - I use a tin of tomato soup with pureed pumpkin and spinach, it's super yum!

Creamy pasta with broccoli and mushrooms - the secret here is a stock cube cooked in with the onions, it will infuse with the cream and be really flavourful.

Canneloni - a bit fiddly but if you like spinach ane ricotta, it's nice. (I'm vegan so I use a mushroom and tofu blend)

Pizza! - The combinations are endless, try experimenting with mock meats or mediterranean veggies for a gourmet take. (I just like mushrooms, onion, capsicum, tomato and pineapple)

As above: Mexican!

Tacos - you can use anything to replace the meat, tofu, lentils, 4 bean mix I use rice and a tin of baked beans mixed with taco seasoning mix!

Burritos - as above but my fave combo is with rice and sweet chilli tofu.

Nachos - need I say more?

Enchiladas - I like using Sanitarium sausages instead of meat in an Enchilada kit.

Quesadilla - any veggies, mexican seasoning and cheese - so good.

Chilli and rice - throw in every type of bean you can, onions and maybe a vegetable or two, add chilli powder and stew.

Stirfry - rice or noodles with tons of asian veggies, tofu and satay/sweet chilli/soy/teriyaki/lemongrass/sweet and sour sauce

Fried rice - cooking your rice a day ahead and frying it straight from the fridge really infuses flavour.

Rice paper rolls/sushi rolls - ok, I've never actually made these at home but there are plenty of veg options and combinations.

Japanese Curry - you can buy the blocks of it in the specialist aisle and add potatoes, carrot, onion and tofu - it's super yummy!

Laksa - keep your eye out for laksa paste without fish paste and add tofu and veggies to the broth.

Rice noodles or udon noodles and broth - add bok choy for some extra greenage.

Curry - there are so many pastes out there, I love a korma (add coconut milk), rogan josh (add tinned tomatoes), or madras - super hot! My favourite combo is potato and chickpeas.

Daal - I actually use a daal kit from Turban chopsticks but there are heaps of recipes out there. You can get microwavable papadums as well!

Vegetable stew - chuck in as many vaggies as you can but definitely have potato and pumpkin in there. Celery works well here too. Just put them all in with water and a few stock cubes, you can make flour dumplings too if you're feeling adventurous.

Creamy mornay - replace tuna with a tonne of veggies like mushrooms, celery, potato, carrots ets.

Lentil Shepherds Pie - best ever! Replace meat with a few tins of rinsed lentils and make as per usual. If you eat cheese, sprinkle some on top of the mashed potato for a crispy top.

Roast dinner - all the veggies are easy to make, roast potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, parsnips, steam green beans, peas, cabbage, brussels sprouts, whatever you like. I love to add Yorkshire pudding and sometimes a cauliflower cheese. You can buy Sanitarium veggie roasts if you want a 'meat' or experiment with a nut roast. You can also make stuffing in a microwave from a packet if you like. Add heaps of gravy.

Mushroom Wellington - so good. Get huge portabello mushrooms, wrap them in pastry, brush with oil and cook. Serve with veggies and gravy.

Pies - I make a mushroom pie using mushrooms, veggies and gravy. My Mum made a mock chicken pie using quorn chicken, carrots, onions, celery and a white sauce with either massell chicken powder mixed in or the chicken flavour sachet from two minute noodles! (Secret ingredient!)

Pasties - Same principal, use mashed potato, mixed veggies, gravy and puff pastry.

Stuffed potatoes - several combos: broccoli, cream and cheese; coleslaw; lentil bolognese sauce; just sour cream, cheese and sprin onions; mexican lentils/beans; baked beans; cauliflower cheese....

Potato bake - either traditional using cream and french onion soup mix layered over potatoes with cheese on top, or vegan by making up a 'cheesy' sauce using nutritional yeast and french onion soup mix.

Savoury rice - cook your rice with a stock cube, let it absorb, add garlic, onion, mushrooms and seasonings.

Burgers - so many combos! I make bean burgers by combining beans/lentils with mustard and general spices to form patties. You can also just grill up some marinated tofu or tempeh or check out the freezer section for Quorn or Frys burgers. (I love fake chicken burgers instead of KFC, or fish with tartare sauce and lettuce)

Macaroni and cheese - My Mum makes up a white sauce and adds layers of cheese throughout the whole thing. I use a homemade sauce using nutritional yeast. Add breadcrumbs for a yummy crust.

Hot dogs - Super yum! You can grab sanitarium ones from the fridge section and add mustard, tomato sauce, saukraut or cheese if you want. Best served with shoestring fries!

Wedges - just add sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, spring onions.

Salads - pumpkin, pine nut, spinach and balsamic vinegar; potato salad; coleslaw; Greek salad; Caesar salad without chicken or bacon; garden salad; rice salad; pasta salad; quinoa or couscous salad.

Tofu veggie skewers - add to skewer, marinate, grill.

Couscous - add heaps of veggies and maybe some marinated tofu or tempeh.

Grilled veggies - taste great with salad leaves or in a panini.

Soup - endless possibilites - spring veggie; minestrone; pumpkin; sweet potato; carrot and coriandar; curried lentil; cabbage; broccoli and potato; chilli bean; tomato....

Mock meat and veggies - think 'fish fingers' mashed potato and greens; 'chicken' and salad; veggie sausages mashed potato and gravy; veggie sausages and salad...

There are so many more ideas but I think this should be enough to start you off! If you need actual recipes or want me to elaborate please private message me and I'll get back to you.


Persephone Persephone VIC Posts: 1
4 8 Nov 2014
There are lots of really easy vegetarian curries and risottos. I'm sure if you look them up there will be heaps! I love pumpkin risotto!  tech

reddapanda reddapanda ACT Posts: 381
5 11 Nov 2014

Check out these sites and see what takes your fancy - plenty of others but they might do for a starter.