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Chocolate :)

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birdie birdie VIC Posts: 393
71 4 Nov 2009
i promise that it's worth checking out leo's fine foods supermarket in kew.. they stock an exclusive brand of animal free.. sugar free.. organic chocolate tongue

72 5 Nov 2009
This site sells them:

Bonvita is AMAZING, so much better than Sweet William

ChloeMB ChloeMB VIC Posts: 560
73 6 Nov 2009
go to the health food section of the supermarket, or the health food store, actually

Aleex Aleex SA Posts: 16
74 11 Jun 2010
hello i am  a chocoholic and i was wondering if there was chocolate out there for vegans?
and what is your favourite chocolate? idea

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
75 11 Jun 2010
There most certainly is! If you like dark chocolate, try Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate, it's yum! There's also Moser-Roth Chilli flavoured dark chocolate, which sounds a little weird but it's very good, you get it from aldi.

There are "milk" chocolates available like Sweet William's (from the health food section in most supermarkets) white and milk, and BonVita (from health food shops) rice milk chocolate, which is a lot of people's favourite happy

There's many many many more, you just have to do a bit of looking and reading labels, a lot of dark chocolate won't have milk solids and if it does, it's not really dark chocolate is it?!

I'm thinking we should take back the word 'chocolate' as in ancient cultures it didn't have milk in it! -nod-

Hope that helps ecstatic

Aleex Aleex SA Posts: 16
76 11 Jun 2010
thank you so much i will Definitely have a look next time im at the shops.

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
77 11 Jun 2010
Oh I remember this thread XD

and Matt you were spot on, I love Sweet Williams now! ecstatic haha

leticia-porth leticia-porth NSW Posts: 151
78 12 Jun 2010
lol nestle stopped cutting down forestd 4 oil thnx to greenpeace! thats really good!

Emre Emre VIC Posts: 3
79 5 Jan 2019
Unleashed Admin

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