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Chocolate :)

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Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
1 28 May 2009
I need opinions. What does everyone think is the best dairy free chocolate available? I've tried the Sweet William "milk" & white chocolate, and they were kinda... mediocre i suppose. I really want to try that bonvita rice milk one cause I've heard that rice milk makes better chocolate but is there anywhere I can buy it other than off the internet?
I live in Melbourne if it helps

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
2 28 May 2009
How long have you not been having dairy for?

When I went from vegetarian to vegan and tried Sweet Williams it tasted HORRIBLE! I didn't eat chocolate for ages, other than a bit of dark chocolate here and there, but after about 6 months I tried Sweet Williams white choc again. It tasted so.. YUM!! I suppose your taste buds change after a while. So don't worry too much.

If you want chocolate now though, you can try to go to your local organic shop. Some of them make their own chocolate or order it from really tiny companies. When I really, really felt like chocolate in the first  months though I always made chocolate cake. It seemed to me then that the Sweet William stuff tasted better baked in a cake.

Of course, there is always dark chocolate - even some of Lindt's dark chocolate is dairy free.

I don't know where to buy the Bonvita stuff anywhere other than online.

How come you don't want to buy online?

But anyway... trust me. In a few months you will be loving Sweet William!!

Good luck!!  peace

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
3 28 May 2009
Nothing really compares to dairy chocolate, but as Matt said your taste buds change.

I've tried Bonvita Rice Chocolate, Plamil, Tropical Source, Booja, Lindt dark chocolate, but Sweet Williams is my favourite.

I buy most of my veg food online as there's no suppliers in my area.

Karen Karen United States Posts: 1012
4 28 May 2009
Unleashed Admin
I've found Bonvita rice milk chocolate at a few (good) organic / health food stores in Brisbane. OH-MY-GOD you haven't had chocolate til you've had this!!! It's hands down better than anything out there -- dairy and non-dairy alike!

A few others to try, if you're not keen on Sweet Williams (I have to admit, I'm not a big fan)... Whittaker's Bittersweet Dark Block (delicious -- not bitter like most dark chocolates...) you can get at Coles and maybe Woollies in the confectionary aisle, and as Matt.Y said, Lindt 70% is dairy-free.

There's also tropical source, which make fair-trade vegan chocolate in plain, rice crisp, toasted almond, hazelnut, mint crunch and rasberry varieties. I remember they were in Coles for a while too in the health food section (stupid, I know...!). Haven't looked for a while, maybe they're still there. Tropical source get a big thumbs up from me too! happy


If that doesn't suffice, yep.. try cake happy or even better -- cupcakes!!

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
5 28 May 2009
Does anyone know if they changed the recipe for Sweet Williams?

I used to eat it years ago when I first became vegan. It was nice but nothing like dairy.

When I ate it again last year, I absolutely loved it, seemed creamier! (maybe my taste buds changed even more!!!!!!). Was it just the new packaging and size that changed?

Karen Karen United States Posts: 1012
6 28 May 2009
Unleashed Admin
I haven't had Sweet William in maybe 6 months (because I don't remember thinking it was that amazing when I had it before). I remember when they changed packaging, and have tried it since then, but didn't notice a marked improvement.

If someone thinks otherwise I'd be keen to try it again...!

As for taste-buds changing.. I do agree. I used to think soy milk was revolting, but now I honestly (honestly) love it!! happy That said, there are still some brands of soy milks and soy yoghurts I won't go near!!!

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
7 28 May 2009
I tried the white Sweet Williams recently and I'm not a fan.... mind you I am also not a fan of soy milk so this could be why - they taste the exact same!!!

BUT I do LOVE the "milk" chocolate version. I have some in my freezer now (yes I keep  my choc in the freezer, I go in there less often to be tempted LOL)

This is the only dairy free choc I have come across thus far (other than dark choc) as I am yet to have gone hunting for it in organic shops.

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
8 28 May 2009
The Sweet Williams 'no nuts' (with soy beans) is soooo yum. My friend is an anaphylactic and its basically the only chocolate we can both eat.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
9 28 May 2009
I know, it's good isn't it! I lurve nuts, but I can't even tell there are no nuts in it!

Scib Scib NSW Posts: 19
10 29 May 2009
whittakers dark chocolate is the best iv found, and theres choc orange, choc coconut, mocha and some others, its cheap and available at coles and franklins, and quoted by there site and vnv thats its vegan!
...bonvita white rice milk is devine, the best dairy free white choc happy

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