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Dog shelter

What to Consider before establish a dog shelter?

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Houman Houman Australia Posts: 24
1 22 Feb 2015
Hi to all animal lovers,

I am living in Iran at the moment and I also work as a volunteer in an animal activist group. One guy who has connection with mayor of Tehran city, wants to help us to establish another dog shelter. He doesn't know about dogs but he loves them very much( he is an activist to help homeless's people and his centre provides food for 1500 homeless people each tuesday) he is very positive and helpful.
If any of you know how to help us to catch dogs in cities non violently and safe,
if any of you have done this before,
if any of you has any information to do this work correctly , please help us by your advice.
Many dogs have been killed in big cities in Iran these years. All we can do is to place them in shelter and surgery to stop breeding( unfortunately).

Your advice is an action.
Take an action.

Thanks happy


Schagne Schagne ACT Posts: 8
2 28 Feb 2015
I've done something similar in Africa. I've also rehabilitated stray and feral dogs and rehomed them for the RSPCA. The best way to catch them is to first entice them with food and then befriend them, this can take a week or two but dogs usually tend to scavenge around the same places so try that first. Second option is use food to entice then use a dog catcher loop to catch them and quickly contain them, work with them once you have them caught. Dogs want to trust people. You might not like the loop but it is a safe way to catch potentially aggressive dogs quickly so that you can take them somewhere safe to work with them. Sometimes you need to trap one or two but the majority will sell their puppy souls for a decent meal. Just remember that your aim is to remove them from the dangerous streets as fast and humanely as possible.

Be careful of administering pre-surgery sedatives to dogs with a possible pit/bull-dog ancestor in the mix as it can remove their inhibitions and lead to bites. Don't be afraid to use a soft muzzle if you must. It can be terrible for a dog to bite someone out of fear when they've just started to trust you. Better for them and you if that kind of incident can be avoided completely.

Good luck! Feel free to pm me if you have any further questions.

Udy Udy WA Posts: 8
3 6 May 2015
This is really such a noble gesture. Every animal deserves a chance at a good life isn't it? Wishing you all the best and that you find the help and support you need to put these animals in a safe environment.