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some help


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1 25 Mar 2015
Hello Animal's Lovers.

We are Sandra (french) and Alessandro (Italian). We would like to help people, animals and the planet. For that, we created I.L.A together. Our new dream is the I.L.A's House. Where you can sleep, have a meal, LEARN TO COOK, share some stories, have a good time, drink a glass of wine or more happy I.L.A, it's a place to enjoy and share with others. Be happy and smile. For that, the house will be vegan. We will use only eco and cruelty-free products ; for a better world. We want to inform the curious people about the impact of the planet.

Please give a look on the link, help us if you can and share it EVERYWHERE !!
Together we have to build a better world

Thanks a lot

Sandra and Ale

Jessica931 Jessica931 NSW Posts: 19
2 1 Apr 2015
It's a really good thing what you're going to achieve, I wish you all the luck. I've liked your Facebook and unfortunately I am unable to donate at this point. All the best!