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tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu NSW Posts: 221
1 9 Jun 2015
Hey everyone, just thought I would say hi, my name is Avalon and I am a 14 year old vegan happy I have noticed lately a lot of you have been posting threads about how to become vegetarian, vegan or different youth related things. I just wanted to say if you ever need help feel free to dm me on Instagram (tiedyedtofu_), message me on tumblr (tiedyedtofu....) or email me xx

When I joined on here I was a meat eater and over the past two years I have gone from meat eater to vegan, while still living in a meat eating family happy I am happy to offer advice on anything, if you ever feel you have a private question about veganism that you don't want to ask on here, just contact me xx hope you all have a great day!