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Facts about Animal Cruelty and the people who perpetrate

Understanding how these people operate is the first step towards tackling it

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IHNS Animal Advocacy Campaign IHNS Animal Advocacy Campaign TAS Posts: 4
1 2 Sep 2015
They become de-sensitised to the feelings of others as they are conditioned over time to accept that animals lives are of less value than than our own.

Instead of protecting and supporting the most vulnerable lives, history shows the temptation for power and an instant (guilty rush of) gratification is too great for most (unstable) ego's to decline, or to think better of upon reflection.

Just like inflicting violence upon humans, the research clearly reflects the connection between hurting animals and how this can transition to inflicting pain onto people. An important point raised (time and time again) is that the reason perpetrators admit to having not hurting humans earlier, is because they were more likely to be held responsible for their actions. They only ended up exploring this option after tiring for the 'normal' animal torture and no longer could achieve the same 'rush'.

We are products of our environment...
That's certainly no excuse, but it assists us 'empathetic folk' to understand how and why it occurs.. As an earthling, we have an advanced brain and apparently we have the capacity to clarify between what's right and wrong! Some need a bit more guidance than others, obviously.

The sociopathic personality first develops in very young (early childhood or adolescence) people. It is classified under the diagnosis “anti-social personality disorder” (listed in the DSM- a questionable document, but has labelled it none the less). One of the early signs often noticed for this type of disorder is cruelty to animals. These people need to be supported to understand the gravity of their actions and to empathise. Its unusual for this behaviour to be 'naturally occurring' and is most likely a product of neglect, abuse or both! These people have been or are hurting terribly to reach this sad point of dis-concern for another living being - beating heart... Otherwise we are just fighting a flood with a tissue.

An individual who is able to engage in cruelty to animals appears to have no conscience and thus, no remorse for his or her behavior. The act of cruelty to animals results from an apparent need for power and control (quite often, something they are lacking in socially). Animals and vulnerable people are usually most targeted and the perpetrator doesn't usually recognise or care that others have feelings, experience physical/emotional pain.

Please help us to help them, be a voice for those without one.
Support the IHNS Animal Advocacy Campaign via our Go Fund Me link here:
Big Love, all the living creatures x