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Kangaroo trade and California

Voiceless news

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 16 Sep 2015
"This is the largest commercial killing in the world of wildlife on the land..."
see LA Times

— Sacramento Bee Sept 1
A state lawmaker is introducing last-minute legislation to allow California merchants to continue selling products made from kangaroo leather, such as soccer cleats.

Sales of products made from kangaroo parts will be banned as of Jan. 1 unless the state Legislature intervenes.

The Sacramento Bee reports ( ) that Assemblyman Mike Gipson, a Carson Democrat, has rewritten legislation to introduce in the final two weeks that would extend sales indefinitely.

Gipson rewrote AB1188, a bill dealing with gambling, to address the importation of products made from kangaroo. He says kangaroo harvests are part of ecological conservation methods by the Australian government.

The newspaper reports that Australia's Department of Agriculture allocated $143,000 last year to a California association that in turn hired a Sacramento lobbying firm to promote extending kangaroo sales.

Read more here:

Kangaroos Win Protection, As HSUS Stymies Late Maneuver in California Legislature to Allow Imports of Skins for Shoes   September 12, 2015

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS, issued the following statement:

“California is closing a sad chapter that departed from a decades-old policy by again shutting the door on imports of kangaroo parts from Australia. Californians want nothing to do with Australia’s massive commercial slaughter of millions of these wonderful creatures every year. Companies using kangaroo skins for shoes and meat for pet food have alternatives and we call on them to stop making products from Australia’s iconic kangaroos.”

Earlier in the session, California lawmakers passed landmark bills to ban the use of bullhooks on elephants for use in circuses and also to crack down on the commercial trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn.  The legislature also renewed a critical spay-neuter fund.  The California Fish and Game Commission, acting on a measure approved in a prior legislative session, banned any commercial trapping of bobcats.