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is this for real?

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maisiemay maisiemay SA Posts: 7
1 22 Sep 2015
My hair dresser asked me if I knew whether Matrix ...a new brand she is using , tests on animals. I said I'll look into it. Matrix turns out to be part of L'Oreal. So was pretty sure  that they would definitely test on animals ...BUT then i read this!!

Is this for real? If Loreal doesn't  test on animals anymore why aren't they shouting it from the tree tops. Not sure if I can believe it. They aren't on the CCF or PETA lists. What does anyone else think? still don't think I'd use their products but if such a big brand has stopped testing...its great news.

ChantelleGC ChantelleGC NSW Posts: 3
2 23 Sep 2015
"L’Oréal no longer tests on animals any of its products or any of its ingredients, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. The rare exception allowed is if regulatory authorities demand it for safety or regulatory purposes."

Interesting post. Seems to me that they have found a loop hole in the system by their last sentence. They're contradicting themselves, "we don't test on animals, but sometimes we do". Lol.

Thanks for posting!

reddapanda reddapanda ACT Posts: 381
3 23 Sep 2015
Thanks for the topic and discussion. Wonder what're the regulatory authorities they speak of, and in what circumstances (how often and how extensive) are these tests (with what rationale)?


Seeta Seeta NSW Posts: 4
4 23 Sep 2015
They still do sell to the Chinese market though right?
I had a similar thing with Natio today, I am a little confused as to why its not on their labelling...

As mentioned, there but be a loophole somewhere

HarvestMoon HarvestMoon NSW Posts: 23
5 24 Sep 2015
It's because they still sell some of their products in the Chinese market which requires foreign owned companies to hand over animal tests to the government. So definitely not 100% cruelty free.