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Detection Dogs to help endangered Wildlife

Please help us save more dogs!

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DetectionDogs DetectionDogs QLD Posts: 1
1 8 Oct 2015
Will you help Maya spread the word about Detection Dogs for Conservation?

Maya, a female border collie cross, was saved by her now proud human Dr Romane Cristescu and Gary Jackson her trainer, while she was on death row at the pound...

Maya is now helping koala conservation by assisting her useless human (Dr Cristescu) to find koala poos!  

Humans do really need all the help they can get... confused

Maya needs your help to spread the word so more dogs can be rescued and trained! Like her mate Snowy! Actually, Maya is a queen and needs no mate, but Snowy is pretty cute so she tolerates him...

Please like and share our facebook page!

Thank you!  dog