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The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Is it a good deal?

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 11 Oct 2015
The TPP will shape lives across the world from North America to Chile to New Zealand, but most of the text was written in secret by negotiators and corporations, without public input. When Wikileaks revealed a portion, we got a sampling of how bad it is:
If a nation bans a toxic chemical, or labels genetically modified foods, or tightens environmental regulations, TPP empowers companies to sue governments in secret global tribunals, run by corporate arbitrators. If the government loses, taxpayers could be forced to pay companies billions of dollars for lost profits.
Under TPP, pharmaceutical giants could extend their monopolies so far that cheap life-saving drugs for cancer and AIDS patients could be prevented.
The deal could criminalise those who sound the alarm on corporate illegal activity through a computer system.
Those are just a small part of the agreement. We have no idea what corporate lobbyists wrote into the bulk of the treaty because governments have refused to release the text to the public. While trade treaties can be critical to a healthy global economy, representatives should never be able to ram through new laws without letting citizens know what's in them.

We’ve been fighting these types of agreements for years, and have won. If we join forces to stop the TPP, we’ll show that people everywhere will stand up when any governments put corporate profits before the public good.


robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 16 Oct 2015 - their view on the TPP