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smh lifestyle article

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emjjj emjjj NSW Posts: 16
1 16 Dec 2009

hm...can't say i entirely agree about free-range being that much better than factory farming, but i suppose it's better than nothing?


RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
2 17 Dec 2009
SMH said:
Andrew Spencer, the CEO of Australian Pork, maintains free range living isn't the ideal life for pigs that we consumers imagine it is. "People think that pigs are happier outside, but they are not necessarily better off because they can be stressed by heat and cold," he told me last week. But I got a different view from Lee McCosker of the Free Range Pork Farmers' Association ."Why would natural conditions stress any animal?" says McCosker, a NSW pig farmer whose own free range pork products carry the Humane Choice Label "The real problem is that selective breeding in the intensive pig farming industry has produced animals that don't cope well outside in the open."
Ditto. That basically sums it up.
And this sums up the assholes of Australia......

Random Asshole said:
The desire for unfettered freedom is a human quality. I don't endow animals with human desires. It's nonsensical to do so
Nice.... but I am glad that all the comments I read after that were supportive of free-range (not exactly what we want, but it's better than the supporting of factory farming right?)