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nearly two million animals bred and then trashed in UK

GM animals for experimentation

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 23 Oct 2015
The massive overbreeding of genetically modified (GM) animals is revealed today in Home Office statistics, relating to all vivisection completed in 2014. A total of 1.94 million animals, mostly mice, were bred, killed and incinerated soon after birth.

The Home Office has long claimed that the breeding of these animals is essentially a benign process. In reality, it generally involves painful surgery, castration and the use of powerful hormones.

The approximately 620,000 GM animals used in actual experiments suffer a range of authorised abuses. Last month, Animal Aid exposed an Alzheimer’s Society-funded experiment that involved daily drug injections and forcing mice to swim searching for an escape route.

From on beagles and dogs used in the UK

NUMBER OF ANIMALS USED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN PROCEDURES BY SPECIES OF ANIMAL (DOG): 2742. It should be noted that there are no statistics for total number of animals (Dogs) used for ALL procedures.

ALSO there is no longer delineation between Beagles and other breeds of Dogs.

From Peta UK
Cats, dogs, monkeys, horses and other intelligent, sensitive animals were subjected to more than 3.87 million procedures.

This year, for the first time, experimenters also had to report the actual pain and distress endured by the animals rather than simply predicting levels of suffering before a lab coat was donned and a scalpel drawn. Animals suffered in over 1.9 million “mild”, 557,000 “moderate” and 184,000 “severe” experiments, and thousands more never regained consciousness in experiments classed as “non-recovery”.

But the very system that’s used to assess animals’ suffering shows a chilling lack of compassion.

Rats classed as experiencing only mild pain and discomfort could have a tube forced down their throats to flood their stomachs with drugs every day for months or years, and mice could have toxic chemicals injected into their abdomens and the ends of their tails cut off with no pain relief at all. The classification of “severe” suffering is incomprehensible. Sawing off the top of a dog’s head, electrocuting a rabbit and implanting an electrode in a monkey’s brain are considered to cause only “moderate” pain and distress. These classifications are clearly absurd and serve only to highlight how lightly experimenters take the feelings of their “subjects”.

reddapanda reddapanda ACT Posts: 381
2 23 Oct 2015
This is so horrible.