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Plans for giant egg farm withdrawn

damning UK Animal Aid investigation

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 14 Nov 2015

Fridays Ltd has withdrawn its application to build a giant egg farm in Kent, just two days after Animal Aid provided the local council with shocking footage from two of the company’s other farms.

Despite being billed as ‘free-range’, the planned egg farm would have kept 64,000 hens at a time in crowded sheds, with just limited access to the outside. The two farms investigated by Animal Aid were part of Fridays’ caged egg operation and revealed shockingly low standards of animal welfare. At one of the farms, a large number of birds were suffering from severe feather loss, and some were entirely bald across large sections of their body. This terrible feather loss is likely to have been caused by the stress of being closely confined and having virtually no freedom to express natural behaviour.

At the other farm investigated by the national campaign group, the birds had been introduced to the shed just hours before so had not yet reached such a miserable state. But in some cages, Animal Aid’s investigator found that the scratching mats — provided as a meagre source of ‘enrichment’ — were caked in such a thick layer of faeces that they were virtually unusable. Even at this early stage, the investigation found one bird lying dead at the bottom of a cage, suggesting that problems were already beginning to manifest.