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"Coles and Woolworths under fire for selling toxic flea spray for pets"

My cat started foaming out of his mouth

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JustChris JustChris QLD Posts: 1
1 17 Nov 2015
Hi everyone!

Animals Australia Facebook page actually referred me to this forum to share my story and hoping get more signatures on my petition happy

On Friday of last week Sasha my furbaby (cat) got very sick as a result of ExcelPet Fleaban spray.  It begun by drooling to excessive drooling.  I also noticed other symptoms like restlessness, shaking and also refusing to eat or drink.  This lasted over a 30 hour period.  

I found out later that we aren't the only ones.  Productreview.comau(1), is proof that this is making many cats very sick.  Out of 29 reviews, 25 people rated it "terrible", while 1 review for "excellent".  You'd think after reading the reviews that the product would be taken off the shelves but it's still here making many cats sick, every day.  

I have created a petition to have this shelved from our stores would like some more signatures for those that support banning it. You can sign it on

It really, really would mean a lot.  We got this product as we wanted to help our furbaby and get rid of the fleas he has.  Never did we expect him to become so ill as a result.  Luckily he is one of the cats that got the less severe symptoms and didn't require expensive veterinary bills other than a consultation and bath to help wash the spray off his fur.  On the bottle you can't find any warnings, or even directions that will tell me how much to use.  

You can also view an article that was written about my story here:


robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 18 Nov 2015
Glad to hear your cat survived - signed the petition too.

No way should cats have this -

This proves that it's worth 5 minutes checking out pet medicine - I speak from experience.

Theresa5 Theresa5 QLD Posts: 1
3 30 Nov 2015
unfortunately I used this product today sad  purchased from Coles.  Within a minute or so my cat was foaming at the mouth and freaking out.  His heart was beating so fast.  I rinsed him under the tap immediately and phoned the vet.  The manager at Coles was nice enough however I don't feel the staff at Head office whom she contacted on my behalf were too concerned.  Coles gave me the supplier's telephone number to contact them, which I did after doing some research online (I'm kicking myself for not doing this BEFORE almost killing my cat). I was horrified at the number of animals who have suffered as a result of this atrocity!
The lady from Exelpet denied that the product was unsafe or poisonous to cats and seemed to see no problem at all???  I quickly realised that this company would defend their product regardless of evidence to the contrary and informed the lady that should my cat die I would personally deliver it, by hand, to their head office accompanied by the media.
Coles have insisted I deal with Exelpet however, I purchased the product from Coles and therefore my contract is with them.  They have failed me miserably and ought to be ashamed of themselves

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
4 30 Nov 2015
"This proves that it's worth 5 minutes checking out pet medicine - I speak from experience. "

Please let your local media know (and send a copy to Coles) so maybe some else will not have to suffer like you and your cat did.

Shaelle Shaelle NSW Posts: 34
5 23 Dec 2015
Being into dog rescue, I use a lot of flea /worm treatment products.
I never buy those from supermarkets as I found most to be either ineffective or toxic (both ?).
However, not all such treatments available from vet clinics or chemists are entirely safe either.
Let's face it, they're all chemical cocktails. While the majority of treated animals are unharmed, there's always a few who do not react well at all to 1 or more components.
When you've been using a product for years with mostly positive results, the odd negative reaction comes as a bit of a shock. However, it is a stark reminder that -where the use of chemicals is concerned- caution is a must.
I remember signing petitions years ago regarding the sale of dangerous pet products and toys in supermarkets.
I can't understand why they're still at it...and getting away with it.
I signed this petition anyway. Giving up is not an option.