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Save our pet rabbits

It wouldnt be ignored if it was dogs,cats or horses suffering herrendous deaths

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Kristel Kristel VIC Posts: 6
1 21 Dec 2015

A NEW NON SPECIES SPECIFIC VIRUS has been introduced to AUSTRALIA and has the potential to jump species and is killing our pet rabbits .
We are not disputing the fact that WILD RABBITS are a problem but heres an example of how wrong this is not to mention the devastating affect it may have on our wildlife.

Lets say wild Horses (brumbies) became a huge problem ruining land and the government decided they needed to cull them so they import a virus or disease to kill them off!!!
These wild horses have the same make up genetically as our domestic horses (pets) !!
They would never release such a virus without a vaccine to protect our domestic horses..
So if you have not owned a rabbit or dont understand them then likely it to this , as our rabbits are our pets just the same as dogs cats and horses. They are our love .
NO way would the government be allowed to push a cat virus to kill feral cats without adequate vaccine for domestic cats, or wild pigs for instance either, farmers who breed pigs would go nuts, wild dogs same, wild horses, whatever it JUST wouldn't happen, why say it is allowed to happen to domestic rabbits, just because there is a rabbit problem.

A new non species specific virus was bought  into Australia by our government . Named virus Rhdv2 it is a new Hemearage disease with no vaccine  and has gone rogue and killing thousands of our pet rabbits . Our rabbits need a vaccine please support us in this fight
Kristel Pixi Bourrillon
members of Against the Approval of the
K 5 calici virus made in Korea

Fluffbuttsarebestbutts Fluffbuttsarebestbutts VIC Posts: 5
2 21 Dec 2015
This is horrible there are already so many things killing pet bunnies how could they make this worse sad

Kristel Kristel VIC Posts: 6
3 22 Dec 2015
To our heartless government

This is becoming a joke. Thousands of pet rabbits have succumb to RHDV2 in just a few months after it 'mysteriously' landed on Australian soil. We keep getting told, we don't know how this RHDV2 strain got here!!!
Please spare us such ridiculous answers. It was officially imported here by our government and studied and tested. So its not a mystery. (PestSmart: )
You have plenty of time for people who wish to be part of your scheme for making Australia a rabbit free country but not a second for the Australian citizens who are losing their beloved pets in the process. We deserve just as much respect as this scheme involves us greatly. It directly affects our lives, our hearts and souls and our livelihood.
We don't want cut and paste answers. We want real and truthful answers. We deserve at least this as we have to sit by and watch our pets die agonising deaths with not even an option to have been able to protect them.
There is nothing “humane” about RHDV also known as Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease which causes the rapid development of blood clots in major organs such as lungs, heart and kidneys. These clots block blood vessels and result in hemorrhage and death from heart and respiratory failure within 30-40 hours.
Some die fast from heart or lung failure before they have to experience their insides bursting. They are spared a much more brutal death but still this cannot be said to be a “non-painful” “humane” death. Others don't die so fast. They're most loyal smart and much loved PET rabbits experiencing elevated temperature, anorexia, apathy, dullness, prostration and reddened eyes. Respiratory signs (e.g. rapid respiration, bloody nasal discharge) and occasionally nervous signs. If we are unlucky enough to be present in those last minutes or wish to comfort our pets through death, we watch as they have convulsions, followed by paralysis and lastly the most traumatising sound of our rabbits' squealing in pain before death.
How is this “humane”?
Why do they - and better yet – why would any animal deserve such a horrible death?
There are actually two strains that were imported that have mysteriously made their way out into the public. The other is RHDVa. This shouldn't come as a surprise as the same thing happened in 95 with the strain the public knows as the original which 'escaped'  Despite the SURPRISE find, scientists plan to release a new strain of the calicivirus K5 as a biological control early next year 2016 if the release is approved  to continue the fight against the nation’s worst pest.“It will be a double whammy with two new viruses out there,” rabbit expert Tarnya Cox said.  With such an effective killer on the ground, we DO NOT need a fourth RHDV!
RHDV2 is not even a related strain. It is a completely new virus that uses same mode of death, and it's not species specific. Who knows what affect this will have on other species - animals and humans alike. We don't know. If the government had researched what is happening in Europe, I hope they would not have imported this new lagovirus!  You may not see the dead wild rabbits, as they most likely will retreat to their burrows when they begin to feel unwell. Our pet rabbits have shown for you how effective a death sentence you have already deployed.
We responsible pet owners do everything we can to ensure our rabbits have healthy happy long lives. We pay annually hundreds of dollars for a vaccine to keep our pets safe from a virus the government “accidentally” let out in the first place. We didn't complain.
We love our rabbits just the same as any dog or cat owner and it's mind blowing that we don't have a chance - no choice at all - to keep our pets safe.
Omg the chaos that would go on if this was a virus that killed the domestic dogs!! Well to us these rabbits are no different. They deserve the same rights. They are living breathing creatures with the ability to love, to give love and receive love.
What a let down our government has turned out to be. Per the APVMA (Ticket ID: WJU-473-48952)   “Please note that for a new vaccine type of product such as the one that is the subject of you remail, it is unlikely that an Import Consent for veterinary prescription would be issued.” If not an imported vaccine, we need one developed here. There are enough dead pet rabbits to harvest what is needed for the vaccine.
The heartbreak and devastating effect this has had and will continue to have on rabbit owners/lovers, families and broken-hearted children is on your hands. We need a vaccine to save our pets who are not yet dead. How will this be accomplished?
I await your response. Please make it swift as our pets are running out of time.
(Name) on behalf of rabbit owners, members of Against the Approval of the K 5 calici virus made in Korea or not.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
4 22 Dec 2015

A highly infectious and fatal disease is killing pet rabbits in Canberra, the RSPCA has warned.

Tests on Monday night confirmed a strain of the deadly European Calicivirus is present in the ACT.

RSPCA ACT Director of Animal Welfare Jane Gregor​ said when two of their baby bunnies died last week they attributed it to the young rabbit's heightened susceptibility to disease.

"However, once some unrelated adult rabbits also died that were vaccinated against the known strain of calicivirus, we became suspicious," she said.

Read more:

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
5 22 Dec 2015
The same disease is causing havoc in Europe -

In Mediterranean ecosystems the European wild rabbit is a keystone-species, it is the main prey for at least 29 predators, including rabbit-specialists such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) and the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) (Delibes et al, 1981, Ferrer and Negro, 2004). Sharp population decline of wild rabbits caused by RHD resulted in a shift of distribution of rabbit-consuming species with consequent changes in their breeding and population dynamics. Bonelli’s eagles (Aquila fasciata), a threatened bird of prey in Europe, bases its diet on rabbits and scarcity of wild rabbits due to RHD-mortality has been identified as one of the main threats for the eagles. Costly conservation programmes have been conducted in the Mediterranean region for the recovery of rabbit–specialist predators

..and looks like it came from Smog Central aka China
"RHD was first reported in 1984 in China"

Send an e-mail to this person about your problem -


robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
6 23 Dec 2015
Looks like you'll have to wait until the Germans come up with a new vaccine -

The German Friedrich Loeffler Institute recommends that:
• Proven vaccines for classical RHD should continue to be used
• Populations should receive a two-part basic immunisation
•Vaccines should be given earlier if possible (from 4 weeks old)
•Vaccination gaps should be avoided (annual boosters, boosters every six months for does used in intensive breeding)

IDT Biologika Animal Health is already working on a vaccine for RHDV2 in partnership with the German Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI).

Recently, a new virus has been found in wild rabbits in NSW, ACT and VIC.  This new virus is referred to as RHDV2 because the mode of death is the same as RHDV1, however they are two separate viruses.  RHDV2 can cause death in young kittens (3-4 weeks) and vaccinated adults.  The currently available vaccine is not fully protective against disease from RHDV2. While a new vaccine is being developed for RHDV2 in Europe, a revised vaccination protocol using the current vaccine has been developed. It is recommended that kittens be vaccinated at 4 weeks, with a booster given at 12 weeks, followed by yearly vaccinations.  For breeding adults, a six monthly booster is recommended.  Please contact your veterinarian for further advice.

Good website with lots of info at

Time and again, infection is caused by buying in new animals and taking animals to shows. However, outbreaks have also been observed to spread according to the prevailing wind direction.

Kristel Kristel VIC Posts: 6
7 3 Jan 2016
There is already a vaccine made
See below exert from correspondents

The first isolation of the RHDV2 occurred in 2010, then we produced the first batch of vaccine in 2012. So it takes quite a long time to optimize the production and get a safe and efficacious vaccine. It’s pity that the Australian Government doesn’t take a quick decision to import our vaccine. Filavie works under GMP and GLP rules (International Standards of biological production quality), so there is no risk of lack of efficiency or safety with our vaccine and it would immediately avoid bad disease outbreaks as the one sadly experienced by the rabbit producer you are talking.We have monovalent RHDV2 vaccine (under ATU, Autorisation Temporaire d’Utilisation) still available early 2016 which will be replaced in March by the bivalent RHDV 1+2 (Classical +Variant strains) from March 2016, this vaccine is fully registered in France since September 29, 2015.
I stay at your disposal for any information.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
8 3 Jan 2016
In France, RHDV2 has already largely supplanted the conventional strains.

Given the serious epizootic situation created, new inactivated vaccines against RHDV2 have been urgently developed and their use has been provisionally allowed in European Union member states.

Vaccines specific for the “new” RHDV2 have been registered in two countries (France and Spain) but they are also prepared and employed as autovaccines.

"Provisional" seems to be the important word here - keep pestering the authorities!

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
9 4 Jan 2016
In the UK, prevention of the new variant of RHD (RHDV2) is difficult. The only vaccine that is available (Nobivac Myxo-RHD) offers some protection against RHDV2 but many rabbits will still be susceptible to infection. Vaccines against RHDV2 are becoming available in other European countries.

Kristel Kristel VIC Posts: 6
10 9 Jan 2016
Please share this


Australian rabbit owners and lovers, OUR RABBITS need your help TODAY.
In the last 4 months alone there has been over 5492 domestic rabbits including babies that have died from the new rogue rhdv2 (calici type virus) . We need to stop this we need a new vaccine NOW. WHAT IS RHDV rabbit haemorrhage disease virus. also known as Rabbit Calici Virus it causes the rapid development of blood clots in major organs such as lungs, heart and kidneys. These clots block blood vessels and result in haemorrhage and death from heart and respiratory failure within 30-40 hours however this suffering is prolonged with this new virus. Often the most ear piercing screams are heard as the rabbit is dying. It was Released into our environment to kill wild pest rabbits . A strain named RHDV2 was let out in Australia, It is a non species specific strain and our currently available vaccine does not cover it. Pet rabbits are NOT pest rabbits - we need an updated vaccine for pet rabbits TODAY and help to stop the release of anymore hazardous virus's.
Please take a minute to fill out this survey to help the government understand how many Domestic rabbits there are in Australia and how much we care about them.




PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO SUBMIT YOUR CONCERNS and feelings and demand the new vaccine to save your pet. These people need to know how we feel .

Barnaby Joyce
Submission form

Central office invasive animals E:



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