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Save our pet rabbits

It wouldnt be ignored if it was dogs,cats or horses suffering herrendous deaths

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
11 9 Jan 2016
Signd the petiton!

"In Australia, vaccination against rabbit calicivirus (which can cause another fatal disease in pet rabbits known as Viral or Rabbit Haemorragic disease (VHD or RHD) is permitted because these vaccines contain an inactivated virus.
Vaccination against myxomatosis is not permitted in Australia, as historically, the 2 commercially available vaccines have contained live virus strains.  Use of live virus vaccines have the potential to spread the attenuated myxoma virus into the wild rabbit population potentially resulting in reduced efficacy of myxomatosis as a form of biological control in the wild rabbit population.  This could lead to a dramatic increase in the number of wild rabbits in Australia, which would further exacerbate economic loss and damage to the environment."

Therein lies the problem ...  Have you been in contact with Universities and other places that use rabbits for testing? How are they keeping rabbits from rhdv2?

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