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THE WORLD IS VEGAN if you want it!

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advoc8 advoc8 SA Posts: 179
1 16 Dec 2009
THE WORLD IS VEGAN! If you want it.

Send this message on all your social message boards and ask your friends to send it on theirs. Text your friends and ask them to text their friends. Add this message to your signature line on your emails. Let’s start a friendly wave of creative, nonviolent vegan education.

Forty years after John and Yoko made the simple statement that peace and an end to the Vietnam War was ours if only we wanted it, let us have an electronic billboard that will not be just in Times Square but all over the world! Let us spread the message that nonviolence against our nonhuman brothers and sisters is possible—if we want it.

Thanks to my favourite animal rights advocate ...

Francis Francis VIC Posts: 286
2 16 Dec 2009
I think this is a bit silly to be honest. John and Yoko's message was clear - peace. Everyone, well most,  (at least outwardly) wants peace and they wanted to let poeple know they can have what they want.

A message like this... well, as unfortunate as it is, there are very few people who want a vegan world, so it really is kind of pointless.

More energy and resources need to go into aligning veganism with peace, and then continuing the message of John and Yoko. And then maybe something like this could work.

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
3 17 Dec 2009
I agree with you Francis, however there is the chance that the stereotype would come back if we did align the vegan message with 'peace' and we'd be seen as freeloading hippies.
But it would work in environments which were full of people which are interested in peace even if not the general public.

Ancksu Ancksu SA Posts: 190
4 17 Dec 2009
Hey, judging by the way the world is going... people are going to be forced to be Vegan whether they appreciate it or not... so ya'll win regardless...

Pomi Pomi VIC Posts: 311
5 17 Dec 2009
Squid said:
Hey, judging by the way the world is going... people are going to be forced to be Vegan whether they appreciate it or not... so ya'll win regardless...
Exactly. But don't go round saying that to omni's, I said it on a forum once and got replies from people that said I was trying to force them to become vegan and therefore no longer respect my views... :S

LV LV TAS Posts: 30
6 17 Dec 2009
Please add them to your sites as avatars etc.


advoc8 advoc8 SA Posts: 179
7 17 Dec 2009
:oO IT WORKS!!!!!

I just posted this in another forum (non animal one) I've been involved in for three years.

Subject: THE WORLD IS VEGAN if you want it!

Go vegan, and help liberate animals from human's disgusting domination.


Tell the world.

Response 1:

I am considering becoming vegan. I thought I'd slowly edge into it. I've been vegetarian for years now, so I've been thinking about taking the next step heart

Response 2:
have to b honest & say it's hard after a lifetime of meat eating(as well as other animal products ie:butter, yogurt etc) to stop but i have been trying really hard to not eat any meat at all & i'm working hard on the the other stuff.One thing i can still eat in good conciense is eggs because i have only been gettting them off local residents,like our neighbours,& i can see that the chickens r happy & healthy.
My inlaws came to visit & i knew that i would cop flak from my father in law for not eating meat & sure enough when hubby bought me some vege patties for our bbq things were said.I explained to him why & he said he didn't want to argue about it.I said i wasn't arguing at all just expressing my opinion.My mum in law was nice about it though.
The next night when they bought chinese food over he had especially bought a prawn dish just for me so i didn't have to eat the meat dishes,i wasn't going to tell him that prawns r meat too Laughing because i appreciated the thought & it was his way of being accepting.


Response 3:

I was vegan for almost a year before I had health complications that forced me back into a meat and animal product diet. Blargh. I want to slowly work back towards vegan but it's very hard when it messes with your health. Sad

Response 4:
its hard if you have to cook for a living..... Wink I love food to much. There was one point where Ive considered it. But to think about it. Its a cycle. animals eat other animals to survive. its inevitable. the way its been for millions of years. Im not saying im anti vegan/vegetarian i have friends that have been vego for years.

And vegans are really a pain sometimes when you're cooking for a hundred of people.
self discipline is a must if youre a vegan. its not hard but if you getr in to the habit of eating the right stuff at the right time and you are getting all the nutrients youre all sweet. but im not really speaking from experience...


OK ... off to reply to response 4 ;o)

advoc8 advoc8 SA Posts: 179
8 17 Dec 2009
LiveVegan said:
Please add them to your sites as avatars etc.

LOL ... you are cool Live Vegan! ;o)

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
9 18 Dec 2009
Unleashed Admin
Nice one advoc8. Great to hear you're nudging people in the right direction happy

Apple Scruff Apple Scruff VIC Posts: 180
10 18 Dec 2009
But all of these people were considering veganism anyway....

I think this idea is, well, nice. But I can't see how it can be significantly effective to a mainstream audience - unlike John and Yoko's peace activism.

And just a side about the peace billboards, they had posters and billboards not just in time square but in cities all over the world. Yoko still occasionally puts them up and also encourages people to print off "imagine peace"posters from her website and stick them everywhere.
They are both -in my estimation- quite amazing people.

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