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Flint, Michigan, USA and the water disaster

Good oversight of what's hapened so far

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 23 Jan 2016
Flint was in the throes of a financial crisis, and a state-appointed emergency manager had agreed on a way for the struggling Rust Belt city to save money: Stop piping expensive drinking water from Detroit.

Flint would instead draw water from the Flint River until a new pipeline could bring cheaper water from Lake Huron. State financial and environmental officials approved the project, which the state treasurer said would bring “desperately needed” savings.

“Throughout 2015, as the public raised concerns and as independent studies and testing were conducted and brought to the attention of MDEQ, the agency’s response was often one of aggressive dismissal, belittlement, and attempts to discredit these efforts and the individuals involved"