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My Kitten's 1st Birthday! ♥

"They grow up so fast."

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life-is-ruff life-is-ruff TAS Posts: 3
1 5 May 2016
It's nearly my kitten's birthday - 1st birthday - and I'm excited (for her).

I usually get my pets all kinds of presents and treats and extra special lovin' on their birthdays but right now I'm super tight with money and I don't want this to be a begging thing, buuut~ if anyone could help throw in a dollar or two, I'd love to be able to get her gifts. And cake. Definitely some kind of fish-wet-food cake-thing. Yum.

[*please read description in link for more chatter*]

I'd be truly grateful if anyone could help donate! ♥

(Is this considered spam? Omg.)

Dracula Dracula SA Posts: 13
2 15 May 2016
My cat absolutely loves it when I give her new 'old' blankets from op shops. The thrill of rolling around in new smells and staying cuddly at the same time. That's a gift idea that should only cost a gold coin or two.

Happy birthday! love