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US sells dead dogs to Universities in the UK

Cruelty Free International campaign and send message

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 29 Dec 2016
From Cruelty Free International
Did you know that in the United States many dog pounds and shelters kill healthy dogs who haven’t been claimed or given new homes?

Shockingly, some of these dogs’ bodies are supplied to commercial companies that then sell them on to colleges and universities for dissection classes, including for students in veterinary colleges here in the UK.

It’s a sickening fact, but change is possible. In 2013, it came to light that Edinburgh University had imported dead dogs from a company in the USA without knowing where the animals had come from or why they had been killed. Fortunately, the University decided to stop obtaining these poor dogs’ bodies.

We want to end this heart-breaking practice once and for all.

Don’t you think that the public would be horrified to learn that some universities in the UK are actually importing the bodies of shelter dogs who have been killed because their 5 days are up and no one has come forward to adopt them? Or worse still, if the animals were deliberately killed for the purposes of dissection?

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